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Energetic Protection from Toxic People

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There are two kinds of people that we come in contact with. Those that lift our spirits and makes us feel better just by hearing from them or those that drain us emotionally and physically. The people who know how to push our buttons. They may be family members, friends, or people we have to work with. Toxic people. Now the important thing to remember is that we are not judging them we are merely realizing that they are not energetically compatible with us. Sometimes we can remove toxic people from our lives but there are others like family members that we have to learn to deal with. I know that can be easier said than done so this week on The Night Shift on Tuesday at 7:00 PM Eastern I am going to give you a few pointers on how to protect yourself from this type of energy.

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January Jones – From Care Giver to Care Consultant

Becky Feola
Becky Feola will share the story of her late husband who had Huntington’s Disease (a degenerative brain disease) and how she cared for him for 11 years until his death at the young age of 49. This journey as a caregiver led her to start 2 eldercare businesses (one a non-profit and the other for profit) along with writing The Eldercare Consultant. With over ten years of experience and working with over 1,000 families, Becky has seen so many mistakes and successes families make and have when caring for an aging loved one.

One of the reasons Becky has been so successful and loved by her clients is that she has walked in her shoes. She is a safe person for them to talk to and confess what they consider to be their dark secrets filled with guilt, fear and anger — only to discover they aren’t alone with these secrets and that Becky has also carried the same weight.

Meet Becky Feola


January Jones – From Poor Kid to Professor-Clyde McCulley



Clyde McCulley

Clyde McCulley

The boys never thought they were poor… until Clyde he was eight and took an indoor bath at a doctor’s house that his Mamma cleaned.
Later, he declared to his Daddy, “We are poor.”
“No son,” Daddy said, “we are not poor, we are just a little short on money.” Daddy always saw the silver lining.

Clyde graduated HS as the first married class president …ever! He became Dean of Boys at a private high school, completed his BFA and MFA; and after years of college teaching and achieving the title of Professor, he earned a Doctorate in Education and Higher Education Administration. Clyde is now retired as the Director of a private Art School in Upstate NY.

Clyde and second wife, Susan, now own an island vacation retreat, SeaCliff Cottage Suites in Canada on Grand Manan Island. They spend winters in Portland, ME.