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Happy Summer Solstice!

June 21 heralds the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere the longest day of the year. This is due to the fact that on this day the sun travels the longest path through the sky. It is also the official first day of summer. Cancer is the astrological sign the sun falls in and represents mother, nurturing and family. Being a water sign it invites us to be flexible and fluid this time of year. Kicking back and enjoying it all. Whether at a beach,in a pool or even your bathtub the solstice invites us to dive in and soak a bit. Let out all the kinks accumulated this winter and just float!
The ancients honored this time as a sacred holiday welcoming the sun’s return. How can we honor it you may ask? Well to have a really fun time you could travel to Stonehenge where the celebration there literally attracts thousands of people or you could find a way to honor this day right in your own backyard.
Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get out in nature. Visit a park, hug a tree..well you get the idea. This is a day to celebrate Mother Earth.
  • Have a drumming circle as the sun sets honoring the light that is permeating the planet.
  • Take a sea salt bath and meditate setting an intention for what you would like to do this summer with a big focus on fun and joy.
  • Because fire is another aspect of this celebration have a bonfire and if you feel it maybe dance around it?! If not enjoy the flames and release any of the old stuff that may be holding you back.

Whatever you choose to do the key is to have fun with this celebration. It is my belief that right now focusing on the light by being as joyful as possible is the best way to spend our time. We are the beckons of sun that will brighten the path of this world even though at times it seems so dark. Having a joyous time will not only raise our vibrations but countless others that are touched by our energy. So kick up your heels, drum, dance, and just have fun!

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Super New Moon In Gemini…Hold Onto Your Hats!

On May 25th at 3:44 EDT the new moon will be at its height. The interesting aspect of this new moon is that it is falling in the category of a super moon which has not happened since 2009. A super moon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth. Thus it seems bigger and brighter than usual. Because we usually can not seen a new moon in the sky the significance here lies more in the energy of this super moon than in being able to visually see it. Falling in the air sign of Gemini, this new moon may find us conflicted and indecisive. Gemini, depicted as twins, brings out two different personalities in one. One aspect of this is that we can think we have arrived at a decision only to second guess it by seeing the other side. At times an advantage but this can also halt our forward motion.  New moons always signal a new beginning and fresh start but with the full moon on May 10 in Scorpio we are also being asked to really be sure we have cleared out the old energy.

What all this means is that as the spring time welcomes the blooming flowers it is preceded by the melting snow. We have to release those patterns of behavior that are holding us back before we can blossom with our new ideas and projects. My suggestion would be to work on releasing in the next few days. Make a list of relationships, situations,things, and beliefs that no longer serve you. Make an active plan on how you are going to let go. Then put that plan into action. Look at May 25th as a mini new year celebration with all the promise of endless possibilities.

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