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January Jones – White Light – Energy Nurse

January Jones –

White Light

Energy Nurse

The Energy Nurse

The Energy Nurse


 January Jones welcomes Carolyn Green, The Energy Nurse, RN, certified life coach, energy medical practitioner, sharing her White Light experiences Carol is the author of, Getting To Know You: Guided Pearls of Wisdom for a More Soulful Experience.

Her book is based on 18 channeled guidances to help re-establish healthier thought patterns.

Carolyn trained and is certified in several forms of energy medicine, with a concentration on Healing Touch that is accredited by the American Holistic Nurse’s Association.

She is certified in quantum and as a medical intuitive.  Carolyn is certified as a life coach as well.  In her healing practice she integrates all of her knowledge and abilities for a comprehensive view on how we function on levels of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. 


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January Jones-Budhism with Scott Smith

Extraordinary People

 Meet Scott Smith discussing:Buddhism, Cleveland Clinic, Queen Elizabeth I and Leland Stanford!

 You say part of the problem with understanding Buddhism is that the different groups contradict each other. Weren’t the Buddha’s teachings written down so that his followers would know what he said? AungSan Suu 2) You criticize Buddhism for its idea that there is no enduring self. Explain this concept and why do you think it’s wrong and if there is no self, what would reincarnate?
3) You also take exception to its teaching that suffering comes from desire, with our attachment to things. Doesn’t that actually cause a lot of our grief?


January Jones- Holidays & Second Marriages

January Jones-Successful Second Marriages



Pat Bubash
Patricia Bubash received her M.Ed. in Counseling from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Working with students and families has been her true calling for over thirty years. For more than twenty years she has presented workshops at the community college on a variety of topics relating to parenting issues, self-esteem, children and divorce, and, currently, Successful Second Marriages.

Patricia speaks from personal experience when addressing the issues of divorce and remarriage. As her grown daughters will attest, she was the “token” divorcee in their neighborhood.