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Take 4 Steps to Make Your Busy Life Healthy! RECIPES. SUNDAY. 1pm ET on W4WN radio


We all know how to be busy and unhealthy. But who wants that? If you have a busy life and you want to be healthy, this is the show for you. Guests, Celeste Davis (The Wellness Shop, authors, radio hosts) will join us in the Family Food Experts Kitchen to share the program they have created to make it easier to be healthy while you are on the fast track at work, home and in your community, meeting endless needs and demands. Simply prepare, listen, cleanse and sustain; you will be renewed and soon enjoying the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you don’t know where to start, know but haven’t put it practice, are ready to change for medical reasons or just plainly want a program that works and is nutrient dense, Celeste and her husband, Phil, have created and tested this 4 step process to work for you. Their recipes make this program inviting! FYI: Juicing is not required – good news for some of you!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen with Celesteand me as we make our busy lives healthy! Sunday, 1pm ET,

… for the health of your family,


January Jones presents Your Pet Chef

January Jones presents Your Pet Chef

The Pet Chef

The Pet Chef

The Pet Chef

The Pet Chef

Lisa Hennessy is the owner and creator of Your Pet Chef, which makes personalized dog food using all human grade ingredients delivered directly to the dog owner’s home in pre-packaged portions.

Lisa began making food for her dogs about 5 years ago when her rough collie Shelby was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. Her veterinarian asked if she would be interested in making a special diet for her that would help to slow the progression of the disease which she did and the rest is history.

Lisa is the author of Your Pet Chef Cookbook, which features not only collection of recipes, but more importantly a collection of stories. This book shares my recipes, helpful hints to make the food making process easy, and gives real life stories about the dogs that eat this food.

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Meet Susie Augustin, #1 best-selling author of Sexy, Fit & Fab Sirens on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Tune in Monday, July 21, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET airing live on as Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest is Susie Augustin, the #1 Bestselling Author of Sexy, Fit & Fab Sirens, as well as Sexy, Fit & Fab at Any Age!, Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner (Body/Mind/Spirit category) and International Book Awards Finalist (Women’s Issues).

Susie Augustin’s writing, publishing and speaking has garnered her Awards and Nominations including Willow Tree Women’s Circle “Extraordinary Woman Award” (2012 & 1013), Today’s Innovate Woman “Innovative Woman of the Week” (2013) and “Success Summit Award” (Finalist 2013). She is a Certified 10+ Life Coach and offers Book Coaching, Editing and Publishing with her Writing to Wow! programs.  Susie is the “How to Write a Book” Expert at

Susie is also a Beauty and Sex Appeal Expert with twenty years experience working with some of the world’s most well-known and top rated beauty companies. Susie is committed to helping women increase their self-confidence and improve their body image through exploring their inner and outer beauty, inspiring them to develop their essences, exude confidence, embrace their true selves and feel extraordinary!

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