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January Jones – The Waste of War

Carole Emma Mathewson, is the author of The Waste of War: The Story of A Civil War Surgeon and His Nurse. It is a compelling tale of love & devotion amid the havoc of a civil war that changed our country.



Nurse Mary Mathewson will risk everything to be with her surgeon husband, Harley P. Mathewson.

Carole is a native of Visalia, California, was a secretary and a legal-process clerk. She devoted a number of years to newspaper work, as a news reporter and copy editor in both Arizona and California.

January Jones – Life’s Cheat Sheets

Jeff Wilson

Life's Cheat Sheets


For over 25 years since high school (15 of those while in college), Jeff ran and owned companies, filling roles of CFO, COO, CEO, In-House Counsel, and Turnaround Specialist, helping those companies reach record sales and profits.

Jeff will be discussing his book, Life’s Cheat Sheets: Crucial Success Habits School Never Taught You.

He also provided financial planning services, served on multiple boards, and volunteered and did pro bono work for over 25 entities. Jeff has also taught at three colleges and given estate and financial planning seminars.

Your Invitation to Meet the “Cool Entrepreneur” Roy Smoothe on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show airing live on Tuesday, January 20th, 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET as Nancy’s featured guest is Roy Smoothe known as the Cool Entrepreneur is founder of the Just Cool Lifestyle Brand. He is an author, Publisher, Speaker and Coach; he is also an expert in the field of Cool Brand Development.

 Roy creates world-class projects and high-impact initiatives that improve the way people live, learn, work and do business. He believes fashion, music, and style will come and go. It is something that is always changing and morphing into something different. “We can easily be maneuvered to look a certain way and to like a certain style. Sometimes, the directing is obvious and other times, very hidden. Driven by the desire to fit in, we lose our individuality and personal innovation. Unless we stay cool, happy in our skin”

 Roy is the founder of Smoothe Media, a cutting edge audio production and publishing company which leverages leading edge technologies to drive personal development and business performance improvements. This has led to Roy working with individuals and companies at the top of their game.

Roy’s  ‘Just Cool’ keynote speeches, workshops, seminars and the Smoothe Mixx motivational messaging have been used effectively in programs for business and enterprise, personal development, self esteem, developing confidence, and also sports performance.   Learn more about Roy Smoothe at

“Cool is something that pops up in our minds when we see something positively extraordinary” ~ Roy Smoothe