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January Jones – 7 Keys To Prosperity!

January Jones welcomes

David W. Thompson

- 7 Keys To Prosperity!

author 7 Keys To Prosperity

7 Keys To Prosperity

About David W. Thompson: Some of you may have heard of me, but most of you haven’t.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I know what its like to lose everything then gain it all back.  When I was eight years old I suffered from dyslexia After coming home from school I wanted to play but my mother, Jean would tutor me.  When I reached the age of 29, I was diagnosed with MG an incurable disease that attacks and slowly destroys the muscle/nervous system connection.  I was on medication to control it as long as possible. I lost my job and the ability to drive.  My mother prayed over me faithfully for 2 years.  Now I am completely healed.  The doctors have no explanation other than the power of God.  

January Jones- Abused & Lived to Tell It

January Jones- Abused & Lived to Tell It

Lived To Tell It !

Lived To Tell It !


Hanna Lulgjuraj – Murray was shot in the chest in cold blood and was left for dead and Lived to Tell It. Hanna’s story is very compelling and riveting.  It’s a true crime account about survival and courage.  Hanna was living a beautiful life, a life of dreams that suddenly all changed.  Her dreamlike life turned to horror as her raging husband stood across from her and fired his gun.  By a miracle, she survived to tell her story and how she overcame abuse. It would be very beneficial for your audience to listen to Hanna’s experience and know what questions to ask to identify abuse.  Reading her story, Lived to Tell It one will gain courage and the power to overcome similar situations and give hope to every woman trapped in an abusive relationship


RADIO PROMO for 4/17/14     
Fight Inflammation with Food! RECIPES
Inflammation is the medical buzz word these days.  It has always been true that inflammation is a root cause of disease and pain.  America is finally talking about how what we eat impacts your level of inflammation.  Yes, there are foods that cause or inhibit inflammation.  With food, you can manage related diseases and even prevent them. Food is Medicine! Guest, Jeannette Bessinger, “The Clean Food Coach” and author of many top selling cookbooks, will bring you up to date with the latest on how to fight inflammation with food.  The good news is her anti-inflammation food lists and recipes are delicious as well as nutritious!  You are about to find out how you can enjoy every bite!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to join Jeannette and me as we give you simple food tools needed to win the inflammation battle in your body, today and tomorrow!  Thursday, 1pm ET, on and

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