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Check out the King of Florida Renaissance Festival on iHeartRadio

The Adventures of Pipeman

kingwinnerThe King of The Florida Renaissance Festival came to visit The Pipeman on The Adventures of Pipeman Radio Show on W4CY Radio. The Live show was Tuesday as you know on The Link of podcast is now live on iHeart: If you missed the live show or want to hear it again, then follow the link and listen on iHeartRadio.

The King of The Renaissance Festival Visits Pipeman


kingwinnerHear ye hear ye! We are issuing this proclamation. Fairies, wenches, Nobel men, peasants, merchants, and all in the land are here by ordered to join this show. The neighboring King from the Florida Renaissance Festival will join the Motley cast of The Adventures of Pipeman on W4CY Radio for the day. Join us for this Adventure as we bring you the magic of the days of ole. Learn a bit of the plot.

Today at 10AM ET on



Let’s Time Travel with Steampunk at Florida Renaissance Festival


renfestcoverThe Pipeman, DJ Jess, and Michaela Paige spent the whole weekend time travelling with a Steampunmk theme and much more.  We also met up with one of our other show hosts from The Carolina Zacaria Show.  The Adventures of Pipeman were definitely a most fun adventure at The Florida Renaissance Festival.  Go to our Facebook and you can see updates, lots of pics, and very special sightings. So much great talent, music, shows, shopping, and even insults.