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It’s a great day for Dr. Doug Radio

Dr. Doug Radio

This Friday, May 1st at 10am Mountain Time, An interview with Rohn Walker, business consultant and president of International Executive Technology, and the force behind the video, “Emotions in the Workplace”.

We discuss key elements for the business owner on achieving balance in their work and their life. 

We also discuss the key elements in a successful hire and employee. We also discuss how emotions and drama in the workplace can affect productivity and overall profitability. 

Learn how to identify those employees that are true players in the game, vs those who are broken pieces.

You can listen live on


January Jones – Your Pets – Dr. Liz Hansen

Dr. Liz Hansen

Dr. Hanson is an outspoken advocate for the need to provide the average consumer with the best quality products for their pets at affordable prices. Dr. Hanson’s first national television commercial is now airing throughout the United States on behalf of Vet IQ’s Vet Guard Plus’ vet-grade flea and tick protection that costs a fraction of the price of other similar protective products. In addition, Dr. Hanson has contributed to insightful articles with the Associated Press (  and the upcoming Nov. issue of Family Circle Magazine.  Dr. Hanson was also featured on a segment of “Real Money” on ABC Television’s “World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer”. You may see it online on ABC Real Money here.

Dr. Liz Hanson was born and raised in Southern California. After completing a B.S. degree at the University of California at Davis, she attended Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Following graduation in 1995, she moved back to Southern California and has enjoyed practicing small animal veterinary medicine in Orange County ever since. Her areas of interest include internal medicine, dermatology, soft tissue surgery, and wellness programs. The bond that is shared between a pet and its owner is what inspired Dr. Hanson to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. “One of the best parts of my job is not only when a patient is cured, but also when I see the joy an owner has when their pet is back to health!” Dr. Hanson has two miniature long-haired Dachshunds, “Peanut” and “Butter”, two leopard geckos, African cichlids, and a cat named “Martini.” When Dr. Hanson is not practicing Veterinary Medicine she and her husband enjoy watching their four sons compete in swimming and golf. She also loves to cook, read, and most of all, travel.

Sonoma Vintner Ted Seghesio- April 29-The Connected Table LIVE!

Fourth generation owner and winemaker Ted Seghesio will be our guest April 29th on on the Connected Table LIVE! 2pm ET and

Ted Seghesio

Ted Seghesio


Founded in 1895, Seghesio Family Vineyards is one of Sonoma County’s most enduring legacies. Built from years of growing grapes for making bulk wines to be finished by others, Seghesio only started labeling wine under their own name with the 1983 vintage. Yet, with a family history of grape and wine production in California that goes back to the 1800s, Seghesio is one of the few names in American wine that can honestly say they’ve “seen it all.”


Known for making some of the world’s best Zinfandels and a smattering of small production wines made from mostly Italian varietals such as Barbera, Sangiovese, and Arneis, Seghesio has over 300 acres of vineyards in three of Sonoma’s most prized growing regions, The Alexandar, Dry Creek, and Russian River Valleys.


David and Melanie with Ted Seghesio and Eleven Madison Park

David and Melanie with Ted Seghesio at Eleven Madison Park, NYC

We recently dined with Ted at Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan to celebrate Seghesio’s 120th anniversary. We were particularly intrigued with the Seghesio 2011 Venom, a 100% Sangiovese from Rattlesnake Mountain in the Alexander Valley. Here’s the full menu:





David Ransom and Melanie Young, The Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple

David Ransom and Melanie Young, The Insatiably Curious Culinary Couple

Meet the dynamic people who work front and center and behind the scenes in food, wine, spirits and hospitality Wednesdays 2pm ET on The Connected Table LIVE!  W4CY. Listen to all podcasts on iHeart anytime at this link:

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