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January Jones – We Don’t Die!

Sandra Champlain,

#1 Bestselling Author

We Donʼt Die

 A Skepticʼs Discovery

of Life After Death

Author: We Don't Die

Author: We Don’t Die

A fear of dying and a massive dose of skepticism led Sandra Champlain on a fifteen-year journey of discovery for proof of life after death. Through the disciplines of science and medicine, she uncovered the clear, undeniable truth that we don’t die. However, she kept this information to herself, fearful of what others might think. The death of her father caused Sandra to investigate the painful world of grief. Her findings have lessened pain, helped save relationships and prevented suicides. Proof that they will survive physical death. Evidence that their deceased loved ones are still with them. How they can ease the incredible pain caused by grief.

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Design for Health, Healing and Wellness with Nicole Cavanaugh

Tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show on Monday, April 21st, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET on W4CY Radio as Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest is Nicole Cavanaugh, director of Cavanaugh Design Group, who designs for health, healing and wellness. Nicole is a member of the International Interior Design Association and a certified True Color Expert™. She not only chooses color that supports your needs and desires for the space, she uses and combines colors with a careful eye on undertones to create fluid movement, a feeling of support, peace and happiness in each room she designs, including her designs for Chemotherapy Infusion Rooms at Mammoth Hospital, California.

Nicole’s clients have shared that they feel a difference on a personal level, as well as a feeling of relief that their interiors are fresh and new. In addition to a beautiful, inviting, supportive space you will enjoy, some of the benefits include … Budget – a re-design around cosmetic elements like new furniture, paint, flooring, lighting, built-ins and added function and storage is significantly more cost effective than a full construction renovation, while giving you the most impact for your budget. More visibility and outreach – comfortable, inviting environments that feel good allow you to treat and see more people and hold classes and programs to increase visibility, attracting additional people each year. Satisfied staff – staff members who are happier overall with their work environment tend to stay with an employer longer. Less down-time – for our residential clients, we our cosmetic re-design can work around your treatment routine and any side effects you may experience. – See more at:


How to Always Be Right and Win an Argument Every Time

Disagreements – those annoying irritations that throw a monkey wrench into our otherwise blissful lives and disrupt any possible chances we have of experiencing serenity and joy. Augh! “Why can’t people simply agree with me, even if they don’t, and just allow us to coexist peacefully? But, no – regardless of how right I am there are some people who will disagree simply to aggravate me. I can never win an argument and that annoys me even more!” Sound like anyone you know?

Have you even given thought to the fact that the majority of issues we argue about are ridiculously insignificant? Before I invest my time or energy into debating an issue, I ask myself, “Will this even matter in ten years?” If the answer is “no” I let it go. However, there are times when a discussion is necessary. When you and the other party disagree, is it possible to always be right and win every time? Yes, actually it is.
Ordinarily, when two people disagree, they express their opposing perspectives with the sole intent of convincing the other party to have a change of heart. They do so by imparting a very strong argument supported with verifiable facts and strong opinions. They are steadfast upon proving the other party wrong, allowing them to speak only to the degree to which they are not perceived as being rude. So unwavering are they that they will not rest until their mission is complete, even if it means continuing the discussion at another time or calling in reinforcements. Ego overrides humanity in an epic battle to the bitter end.

In my seventeen years of being married to “Mr. Right”, I’ve learned that there is a way to always be right and to win an argument every time. Let me share with you my little secret:

At the outset, consider the following:
1. Give the other party ample time to present their point of view.
2. Make certain that they feel heard, understood, and validated even if you don’t share their position. Never criticize or belittle them. 3. Be certain to always treat them with dignity and respect.
4. A key ingredient to resolving one’s differences is in making certain both parties needs are met, on some level, in some way, and within a reasonable period of time. Satisfy theirs before your own.

“OK”, you say, “I did that but they still don’t agree with me. So, in essence I didn’t win the argument at all!” (Patience, grasshopper. There is more.)


Erroneously, we concern ourselves more with being right about issues than about being right. (What, you ask?) When you do what is right, (what is in accordance with Divine Law – such as treating others with consideration and kindness) you are right -in God’s eyes. You cannot be wrong because you are extending Divine Love to your brother. When you treat others in a loving manner you garner their respect and trust. They appreciate your concern for their well-being and are very likely to reciprocate in a like manner. They become more cooperative and willing to see your point (and in some cases, even find common ground that you both agree on). You have solidified your reputation of being someone who is trustworthy, understanding, caring, and fair-minded. When you are right (with God and your former opponent), you have won trust, respect, loyalty, cooperation, self-respect, and favor with the Lord. And you have won an ally for life. Seems to me like that makes you a winner on every level.

Do not concern yourself with being right. Care instead about doing what is right and you will, ironically, be right. Furthermore, do not obsess with winning the issue. Seek instead to win an ally. But more importantly, you will win God’s favor as well.

Bonus Q and A
A.Love Q. It doesn’t matter. The answer is always “Love”.

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