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Future-Proof Workplace: Creating a Championship Culture

Join us this Thursday at 5pm ET for the Future-Proof Workplace show! Our special guest is Lee MJ Elias, the award-winning author of WIN: What Every Team Needs to Know to Create a Championship Culture and Think Like a Fan: Invest in Your Fans So They Invest in You.

Teamwork is the time-honored ingredient for success in just about any endeavor, unless you work alone and under a rock. We don’t know many people that do though. This show will explore the techniques used in sports by Lee MJ Elias and how they relate to building any team for greatness, no matter where they are and how dispersed they are. We will talk about a step by step approach to building a team to be champions. At the heart of all successful teams is a great culture, but great cultures can quickly be destroyed by favoritism, neglect, lack of respect, and injustice. Organizations and leaders must avoid these elements at all costs to thrive in the 21st Century.

Check out this trailer for Lee’s book, which we will discuss on Thursday:

Future-Proof Workplace: Insight into the New Consumer Mind

Join us this Thursday at 5pm ET for the Future-Proof Workplace show! We welcome a very special guest, Kit Yarrow, Ph.D., award-winning consumer psychologist, professor, author, consultant and speaker.

Everyone knows today that retail is changing and changing fast. Just go to a mall, and you’ll see for yourself. It is the next big job category that is under siege from technology and cultural shifts. In this episode, we will explore the retail landscape and the dramatic changes that will transform it more than ever before. In the next five years, retail will shift more than it has in the 50 previous years. Competition is drastically changing and most companies struggle with how to keep up with this new world order.

Kit Yarrow, Ph.D.

Kit Yarrow will give us insight, tips and the correct tools to compete today based on her newest book Decoding the New Consumer Mind: How and Why We Shop and Buy. We’ll also explore how the Millennials are shaping consumerism in all of us and how we can and should adapt.




The Future of Work is not Tomorrow. It’s Today. Are You Ready?

Remember the Palm Pilot?  We hate to say we do – but that innovation less than 20 years ago is long gone never to be resurrected. Make sure you are not the palm pilot of tomorrow.  Join us for the inauguration of our Future-Proof Workplace show this Thursday at 5pm ET!

We have gotten so much great feedback on our best selling book, that we decided to start a show to discuss all the essential things you need to do to thrive and survive in these tumultuous and often confusing times. Some of the old rules just simply don’t apply anymore.

On this show we will be discussing strategies, tools and techniques to keep you and your organizations on top of the curve. We have compelling real-world stories from leaders, gurus and other best selling authors to give you unique and first hand insight into what you need to do today to excel tomorrow.

Join us every week (Thursdays at 5pm ET) for great talk radio about you as a leader and the organizations you lead!