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Fresh from Maine- Sustainable Seafood Expert Chef Barton Seaver….And Lobsters- The Connected Table LIVE!

The Connected Table Live

He’s making waves. Chef Barton Seaver is on a mission to restore our relationship with the ocean, the land, and with each other- through dinner. After overseeing seven restaurants in Washington, DC, and earning numerous accolades, Chef Seaver  now leads the Sustainable Seafood & Health Initiative sat the Center for Health and the Global Environment at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Barton Seaver




And if you think that’s a mouthful to say, just think about what it means given the fact that our oceans and waterways are under continuous threats against environmental pollution and overfishing. Chef Seaver is an internationally recognized speaker who in 2012 was named by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the U.S. Culinary Ambassador Corp. He also served as an Explorer for the National Geographic Society.

He is author of  Two If By Sea: Delicious Sustainable Seafood  and a new book, American Seafood, which covers just about every species of fish.







Barton Seaver joins The Connected Table LIVE! October 11 to share his encyclopedic knowledge about fish and why now more than ever we all need to try and eat more sustainably. And we’ll discuss one of our favorite foods from Maine- lobster! Wednesday, October 11, 2pm EST on W4CY. Podcast to iHeart.


The Connected Table Live

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Talking Dirt with Pascaline Lepeltier, M.S.- The Connected Table LIVE! October 4

The Connected Table Live

Wine folks love to talk about dirt, especially Master Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier who is passionate on the subject of soil. Pascaline hails from the Loire Valley, and the limestone soil run deep in her soul. She’s passionate about this region and especially Chenin.  In fact, her Twitter@plpeltier hashtag is #chenincheninchenin. For nearly a decade Pascaline ran the wine program for Rouge Tomate, one of our favorite spots in NYC, where she created an acclaimed 1600+ selection wine list focusing on natural, organic and biodynamic wines. She earned the moniker, “wine prophet,” by Wine & Spirits Magazine and picked up some  industry accolades for her work and the restaurant’s wine list. Most recently she contributed to Alice Feiring‘s “Dirty Guide To Wine.”

Pascaline Lepeltier, M.S.

In August, Pascaline announced she was moving on from Rouge Tomates to write her next chapter (a recurring theme these days in wine, food and publishing). We’re all curious to see what Pascaline will do. Will she get her hands dirty making the natural wines dear to her heart? Will she continue to teach at the Court of Master Sommeliers and International Culinary Center? Will she open her own RAW wine bar? Will she divulge any of this October 4 when she joins us on our show?

The Connected Table Live

Melanie Young and David Ransom are the insatiably curious culinary couple. Connected on Twitter@connectedtable Facebook/connectedtable. Learn more at

I Believe in My Team

When it comes to sports, many people get excited and pumped about it. They buy their favorite team’s jersey number and wait in long lines for drinks and hot dogs and at sporting event. There is nothing can change their minds to support the other team. Their hearts are sold out for their team. There do whatever is necessary to make sure they see that game. They believe in their hearts their team is the best and is going to win the Super Bowl.

Most important than the Super Bowl is what you believe in your heart about Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, most people are NOT sold out for Jesus, just fans of the Lord from afar, not up close and personal.

There are so many people who believe by mere saying that they believe Jesus is the Son of God grants them salvation, and they continue to live their sinful lifestyles. I’m sorry to tell you that you will not find this anywhere in the Bible.

You must believe in your heart that Jesus died for your sins, and your spiritual heart is the core of your emotions, thoughts, ambitions and your conscience. This belief must cause change.

Now, if you believe God raised Jesus from the dead you must believe Jesus died. If you believe Jesus died, then He died from some reason or purpose. For example, some people die from car accidents, drugs, cancer, drinking, heart attack, or just old age, just to mention a few.

The next logical question is: Why did Jesus die on the cross?

We find in Romans 3:25 that God has set forth His Son Jesus to be a substitute through faith in his blood, to declare His righteousness for the forgiveness of sins that are past, though the forbearance of God. (Stop collection of debt; patience and tolerance)

1 John 4:8-15 -…For God is love. In this was manifested (made clear or obvious) the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation (substitute) for our sins… And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world.

Jesus gave His life to pay the debt you owe to God for sin. And the wages of sin is death Romans 6:23.

Because there are NO EXCEPTIONS TO GOD’S LAW, therefore Jesus came to seek and search for everyone who was lost and blinded by sin; He came to save us and to extend His hand to ALL and bring us back into the right standing with God the Father.

There are many that have reduced Salvation to a check list of statements that you agree to, and have told you it is OK to continue to live your life your way under your terms. This, my friends, is a lie from the devil. This is the lie that has crept into the church and has weakened it. It has made people complacent and apathetic. Here is the good news: It doesn’t have to be this way. Today is a new day, a day anew and fresh. However, it is your choice.

The question is: will you choose Jesus who says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and NO man come to the Father but by Me”; or choose the ways of the world that will lead you to death and Hell? If you choose Jesus, repent towards God for your sins and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Authority of your life, and put your faith and trust (which is all confidence) in Jesus whom God raised from the dead, then you will be saved.