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Lighten Up with Lisa – This Valentine’s Day I Share with you the Love and Light of the Munay-Ki

By Lisa Dawn Wax

Dear Readers,

I just recently took a three-day workshop to further my spiritual learning and understanding. It was a sacred journey of transformation where I learned not only additional ways to heal myself, but to heal others. It was a true gift that I would like to share with you for Valentine’s Day.

Until now all of my spiritual learning as a lightworker has come from various religious teachings, angelic messages and my reiki studies, but this workshop ventured into a new arena for me, Shamanism. Deeper study revealed that by definition, shaminism is an anthropoloigcal term referencing a range of beliefs and pracitices regarding communication with the spirit world. So, in truth, a shaman and a lightworker are one in the same; both being guided by Divine Spirit to help and heal others. Shamanism encompasses many different cultures globally just as religion, but all stem from and lead back to a Divine Source.

I received my introduction to the shamanic way via the Munay-Ki, which are a series of 9 rites of initiation common to the shamanic tradition for someone who wishes to become a person of wisdom and power. Ki, as in Reiki, means Energy. Munay means Love. So true to my divine purpose as a Lightworker and as in most of my columns, I am once again talking about a love energy derived from a divine source that has the power to unify and heal. Although the Munay-Ki rites are fairly new and non- traditional and seem non-traditional, they are based upon the traditions of the Laika, or Light People, who now live in the Andes mountains of Peru but originated some 30,000 years ago when they emigrated from Siberia. Thus, the foundation for these rites of passage have been around for millenium. 

Each rite attunement is a transmission of an energetic seed  transferred via a shaman’s loving intention into your luminous energy field with the purpose to heal and transform all past physical and psychological traumas imprinted within your energy field, so that emotional healing can begin. The rites also connect you to a lineage of  luminous beings, past and present, as well a lineage of master healers, archangels and 7 specific Archetypes which are transmitted into each major chakra. These Archetypes are organizing principles of the Universe, so that we may begin to organize our own energy centers and lives with specific purpose. A few examples are:

  1. The Serpent, representative of healing, who teaches us to shed our personal past as a snake sheds her skin and connects us to the primary feminine life force who knows the way into the deepest places inside of ourselves and seeks union and creation.
  2. The Jaguar, representative of transformation, who teaches us to step beyond fear and death and into a world of mystery and connects us with our Luminous Warrior who has no enemies in this world or the next and who can regain hope and bring new balance from chaos.


  1. The Hummingbird, represents courage required to embark on an epic journey, who teaches us to enjoy the sweetness of Life and that we can accomplish even the most impossible task despite tremendous odds. She reminds us to live in the moment and that Life is what it is.
  2. The Condor or Eagle, represents the self-transcending principle, who teaches us to see from a higher perspective of vision, clarity and beauty and to see with the eyes of the heart and spread our own wings so that we may fly with Great Spirit. The energies of the Eagle help us to find the guiding vision of our lives and rise above the trivial day to day struggles. The energies of the Condor help us to see into the past and future so that we know not only where we come from, but where we are going.

Upon receiving the Munay-Ki our chakras (the body’s energy centers) become cleansed so that we may attain what the Laika call a “rainbow body” and we may radiate and emit the colors of the rainbow. This allows higher luminous beings to reach out to us and recognize that we share a common calling. Furthermore, it enables us to step into the ultimate Homo Luminous state, an energy state common to that of Angels and Divine Spirit; however,  we must first shed our old patterns, not reinforce our past, and walk with an open heart, so that we may step into whom we are becoming and whom we see ourselves as being in the future.

Of course, there is quite a bit more to learn from the Munay-Ki. More than can be learned over a weekend and more than I can put into 1000 words. However, at the end of the day what we were taught over the weekend  was to be authentic and always operate from a place of Spirit. Again, this is similar to my past Lightworker lessons of being compassionate and living in alignment with your True Self, Higher Spirit and feeling the Oneness of all life. For me the Munay-Ki are just another method of communication with Divine Spirit. Just as in this world we have a landline, a cellphone, email and Skype; similarly there is more than one way to communicate in the Universe with Spirit. Thus, my Valentine’s Day gift is to inspire you to connect with Spirit and further your own develoment of your own personal spiritual growth.

Until next time, may your days be brighter and your lives be lighter.

Lightworker Lisa

Let me ignite the light in your life!

A Lightworker is someone with an innate ability to know and heal and whose divine mission is to write, teach or counsel others about spiritual teachings.  Lisa Dawn Wax, aka Lightworker Lisa, is a born Lightworker, certified Angel Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master Practitioner; all of which basically confirm her intuitive abilities to help, heal and teach. Using reiki (energy healing), guided meditations, divine messages and intuitive readings, she has helped many people to identify the source of their pain, clarify current life situations, and successfully redirect their focus into positive channels.  If you are in need of affordable healing and life coaching with immediate results, call her at 561-594-3948 or visit her website www.lightworkerlisa.comYou can also listen to her new weekly radio show “The Youtopia Hour” on Mondays at 2PM ET.

Dean Piper Highlights Wellington Chamber Lunch

Carol Porter
January 28, 2011

Motivational speaker and radio personality Dean Piper was the featured speaker at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce luncheon Wednesday at the White Horse Tavern.

Piper is the owner of 4C Marketing Group, a full-service marketing and training firm that offers services such as advertising, web development, e-marketing, sales and management training, motivation and personal development seminars/workshops, and business and life coaching.
Piper also owns the Intertainment Network, parent of W4CY Radio, Intertainment TV, Intertainment IMag and UEC Military Freedom Network at www.w4cy. com where he hosts his radio shows, “The Power of You” and “The Power of We.”
Piper said the key to success in business is one’s own mindset and belief systems.
“You need to stop believing the economy is down and to stop believing that people aren’t buying stuff and stop believing that people aren’t spending money,” Piper said. “There are plenty of people out there who are spending money and are advertising and promoting businesses that are requiring your services no matter what you do.”
Piper said his philosophy was that there really was not a downturn, but that things went back to normal. To get new business, Piper said people must go out and get the business, and not wait for the business to come to them. “We just have to go out there and do what got us successful to begin with,” he said. “We got used to being fat where we didn’t have to work for it. People were knocking down our doors.”
Piper shared how he is coaching a real estate agent who was selling houses easily a few years ago and now he can’t sell one. “I asked him if he was prospecting for new clients,” he said. “The answer was, ‘No, I never had to.’ That tells the story right there. We have to actually go back to the basics.”
A sales person in a slump should go back to what they were doing when they were a rookie.
“Anybody who has been in sales for a long time will tell you that rookies are the superstars of the organization,” Piper said. “They don’t know any better but to just sell people. It’s not about the product or the economy. It’s about the relationships you have with the prospects and the clients.”
Piper said that a bad economy can be the best time to be in business.
“You have to go out and get the business,” he said. “Instead of having 100 people call, only 20 people call. The smart businesses realize that this is when you should be networking the most.”
Piper pointed out that IBM and FedEx both came out of the Great Depression. “That’s where opportunity lies,” he said. “Down economies are when opportunities rise. That’s why you should be surging forward with your business right now.”
To contact Piper, call (561) 506-4031, visit or e-mail
Also speaking at Wednesday’s luncheon was Dr. David Samore, principal at Okeeheelee Middle School.
Samore offered a presentation on an unusual partnership he wanted to see take place between Wellington and Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia, Spain, which was the site of the World Equestrian Games a few years ago.
“This is an exciting opportunity that is at the doorstep of the Village of Wellington,” Samore said. “This city is one that’s important to me both personally and professionally. That’s because Spain is a country that I go to as often as possible and know well, and also because of the school I represent.”
Okeeheelee Middle School is the only school in the state that has a formal relationship with a foreign country, Spain. “The Consulate of Spain in Miami comes to visit my school about three times a year,” Samore explained.
In late November, they were having lunch and the conversation turned to Jerez de la Frontera desiring to become sister cities with an American town, and Samore suggested Wellington. “I have been in conversations with county commissioners, village officials and school district personnel,” he said. “This is continuing to gather some steam. It’s a natural. It could open doors for both communities, as well as open opportunities for growth.”
In other business, Tim Shields, chairman of the chamber’s new technology committee, made a presentation on this new initiative.
“We were part of the Business and Economic Development Committee,” Shields said. “We have split out to focus on any of the chamber’s activities related to technology.”
Shields said he is looking to work with residents to raise their technology levels.
For more information about the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, call (561) 792-6525 or visit

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Meghan Ritmiller singing Steel Defense. WOO STEELERS