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First Lieutenant Michael Behenna is a young Army Ranger who is currently serving a 20 year sentence at Fort Leavenworth for “unpremeditated murder” of a known member of Al Qaeda. 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was an excellent officer. He received his call to serve his country while attending the University of Central Oklahoma. He is from a family of public servants, his mother being an Assistant United States Attorney and his father a retired Special Agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. He has served the Army and the United States with honor and dignity. To sacrifice the life of this Oklahoma soldier over the death of a known terrorist, is a breech of faith with all who are serving our country.

We urgently need your help to correct this terrible wrong against a loyal and faithful soldier. Please contact your congressman and ask them to intervene on behalf of 1LT Behenna. For more information please visit

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Attention All Americans!

Information You need to know!

You need to be educated on Catch and Release. Check out the following link. It will shock you. Pay close attention to part four with the General. It just may turn your stomach when he says that losing our soldiers was worth the sacrifice. If this star is indicative of who is making decisions then it is no wonder we released 77,000 out of the 87,000 insurgents we captured, and it is also no wonder the soldiers are demoralized when they have to fight the same guys over and over.

Here is the article on the Taliban being released by our US Army to their communities on a pledge they will not join their murderous friends. Ridiculous.