January Jones welcomes, Anita Mahaffey, Cancer Survivor and COOL-JAMS CEO!

January Jones welcomes, Anita Mahaffey, Cancer Survivor and COOL-JAMS CEO,


After beating cancer three times and losing my left eye and eyelid in the process, I decided that my only insurance policy would be to be more mindful and live life in the best way possible.

It was not in my nature to sulk in a corner and hide behind my prosthetic face. Instead I decided to accept the fact that I was going to have to live with this deformity, but also decided to make some serious changes knowing that I never wanted to suffer through another bout of cancer in my lifetime.

After accepting myself and working on the best prosthesis that I could get, I have slowly become more mindful about my body, my words and my thoughts. I try to nourish my soul on a daily bassis. This has been my key to staying healthy and balanced. Let me explain some of the mindful changes that I’ve made.

A Positive Procedure

I always stay positive and take steps toward any problems that I might have. Inaction causes worry and worry causes me to waste precious energy. This is a mindset that I have chosen to make part of my being since I choose to use my energy for positive purposes.

Paying It Forward

I start my day by thinking how I can make life good for those around me. I try to commit to at least 10 random acts of kindness each day. By doing this, I’m also encouraging those around me to do the same. When those around me are positive and happy, it comes back to me in a big way.

Working It Out

I exercise each and every day. When I’m tired or worn out, I listen to my body and go on a mellow walk or practice restorative yoga. When I’m more energetic, I go on a long hike, run or practice Pilates or strength yoga. The key point is that I’ve committed to exercising every day for the rest of my life.

Naturally Delicious

I eat close to nature and try to stick with natural unprocessed foods fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grain breads and cereals, nuts, lean proteins and low fat dairy. I don’t drink soda, just water, tea, coffee and an an occasional glass of wine or champagne. Life is a continuous celebration which should never be squandered.


Chocolate. I love chocolate, so I indulge in a little bit each day, but always just an ounce or two. Around 4 p.m. each day, I have my chocolate, my latte and I think about all the things that I’m grateful for, especially my health.

Finding Passion

I do what I love and I love what I do. If I don’t love it anymore, I don’t do it anymore. This philosophy is simple. My passions include my family, my business Cool-jams, a wicking pajama company which manufactures pajamas for night sweats and temperature regulation, public speaking, mentoring young business women, reading, volunteering with Voices For Children and exercise.

My hope is to inspire and encourage others to accept the things in their lives that cannot be changed, yet still have the courage to make mindful, positive efforts to change the problems/issues that are in their control. This simple philosophy has allowed me to stay energetic, happy and healthy despite the difficulties I’ve faced.



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American Hero Michael Behenna and his family needs your help!


To the thousands of Michael supporters,

My name is David Wahl.  I am the father of Michael Behenna’s girlfriend Shannon Wahl and run the DefendMichael.com website.  I have known Michael for several years going back to when Michael and Shannon first started dating.  I attended Michael’s officer school graduation at Fort Benning, his Ranger school graduation, and his deployment to Iraq from Fort Campbell.  I was in the courtroom for Michael’s trial for premeditated murder at Fort Campbell, including the moment when a jury of seven non-combat officers convicted him of unpremeditated murder.  I witnessed the stunned look of betrayal on Michael’s face.  I was in that same courtroom again three weeks later when the trial judge denied a request for a mistrial on a Brady law violation (the government had withheld evidence.)  And I was in the small room at the back of that courtroom with Michael and his family for his last thirty minutes of freedom before he was taken away.

These past four years that Michael has sat in a small prison cell at Fort Leavenworth have been a tortuous journey for those closest to him – but as you can imagine, most of all for his parents Vicki and Scott.  They have endured the emotional pain of seeing their son treated as a criminal at the hands of a broken and blind military justice system, of five hour drives to ‘celebrate’ birthdays and holidays in a noisy visitation center, of the heartbreak of one court ruling after another go against Michael, of bizarre prison rules that change from visit to visit and which make civilian prisons look like Club Med.

But beyond the emotional toll that the Behenna’s have carried is the financial burden of taking on the United States government that has unlimited resources at their disposal (our tax dollars hard at work.)  Starting with the original trial to the CAAF appeal which we lost by a narrow 3-2 vote the Behenna’s have spent well over $400,000 in their fight for their son’s freedom.  I know that so many of you have already graciously stepped forward and lightened this financial burden, but unfortunately a significant shortfall remains.  And if the Supreme Court decides to hear Michael’s case that shortfall will grow by at least another $100,000.

The Behenna’s are a proud family and asking for financial support is not something they are comfortable doing, especially given how many people are in need today, including so many fellow Oklahoman’s devastated by the recent tornados.  So I humbly ask each of you who believe in Michael’s cause, to consider giving a few dollars to his legal fund, which can be found on his web site at www.defendmichael.com.  If each one of the thousands of supporters of Michael gave $20 then the Behenna’s would be able to cover most of the current deficit.  Donations can be made through PayPal on Michael’s web site, or if you prefer you can mail a check directly to his Michael’s defense fund at:

Michael Behenna Legal Defense Fund

c/o Jack Dawson, co-trustee

100 Park Avenue, Second Floor

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-8099

Please know that your support for Michael, whether in the form of a donation, a card, or a letter, is appreciated more than words can say.  For Michael and his parents this difficult journey has only been possible because of the outpouring of support from all of you.  It has sustained them in their darkest hours, of which there have been many. Finally, please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers as we await the ultimate decision by the highest court in the land on whether they will hear Michael’s case.

I remain, now and forever, a proud supporter of a young man who some day I hope will be my son-in-law.


David Wahl




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January Jones welcomes Julie McGrath, The Joy Source, on Monday, May 28th at 9 pm ET.

January Jones welcomes Julie McGrath, The Joy Source, on Monday, May 28th at 9 pm ET.  

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About Julie

A few years ago, Julie McGrath made a choice…She decided she was going to live her life.

Now, we all make that choice every day…Or do we?

Do we decide to fully participate in our lives, not sitting idly by waiting for something, but are called to action?

Do we take risks to grow and step out of our comfort zones and reap our own rewards?

Do we create and live our lives exactly how we want- go in pursuit of our lost dreams and fulfill them?

Do we ignite our fires from the inside, tap into our strengths and love with our whole hearts?

Do we live each day with JOY and PASSION?

Julie McGrath does.

A licensed social worker, Julie watched women disappear into parenting, relationships, work and lose their true selves and desires. The women around her were becoming empty shells of who they once were, full of guilt at the prospect of taking the precious time needed for themselves.  A strong advocate for women, Julie said enough!  In 2009, she created The Joy Source to encourage and empower women to rediscover themselves, find their joy and passion, and live it!

And that is what Julie does. She moves forward and puts her energy into living the life she has always imagined.

Yes, it is possible, Julie is proof of that, but it takes work. It takes motivation, a strong belief in yourself, determination and a fair share of dreaming. Don’t let years go watching those around you get what they want in life. Now is your time.

Just imagine…a more joyful and purposeful life.

One that has you radiant with excitement for each day…each moment. That feeling of being in the FLOW- that you are exactly where you should be, doing what you should be doing and loving every minute of it.

That is what The Joy Source is about- discovering the truths within you, honoring them, and most importantly, living each day with a strong sense of purpose.

Feelings of joy and wholeness come from living a balanced life. One where you put your wants and passions on the to-do list. Do you know what stirs the passion in you? What gets your blood pumping and soul excited?

As women, we too often give so much of ourselves to others- our precious time, our energy and we often forget to nurture ourselves until it’s too late. Feelings of anger, resentfulness and frustration set in.

Pretty soon we feel depleted and drained, and we stop listening to what WE want to do and end up living for other people. Does this sound familiar? Are you heading down this track, or are you at the station…burnt out, used up and completely unable to remember what you love to do and what makes you who you are?

If this sounds like you, then I encourage you to take the time to restore your spirit and nourish your soul. 

Rediscover that glow that makes you smile so wide  and want to get up each day! 

You’re worth it!

It’s time to rediscover what inspires you! It’s never too late!