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Kids and Anger

All kids get angry. It is a normal, useful, and healthy emotion. The problem with anger occurs when they don’t know how to express it appropriately or turn it inward. It is vitally important to help our children learn how to process, verbalize, and ultimately heal their anger.

According to my guest, John Eric Jacobsen who created the Kids In Trance Program, all emotions are what he calls “action signals” – they warn us that something is wrong and needs our attention. Once we receive the warning, we do not need to hold on to the emotion. We are free to release it and focus our energy towards finding a solution to the issue. When anger is channeled properly, it can be a beneficial force which brings about positive change. Too many of our young people today use anger in a very destructive manner, causing pain and suffering to others and ultimately to themselves.

John teaches children how to meditate or go into a trance. It is a state of deep relaxation easily accessible to them and a natural part of their daily routine. Have you ever noticed when children are watching TV how mesmerized they are by what is on the screen? They appear to be hypnotized by the visual and audio stimuli and they actually are. This is the precise moment when they are most receptive to positive suggestions, what John refers to as “auto suggestions”. Whenever you notice your child is deeply relaxed, verbally express a positive reinforcement to them. “You have less and less anger in you.” Keep it simple and positive. In that way, you are conditioning your child to behave in a more appropriate manner. A relaxed body and mind doesn’t get upset. Changes must be made on an internal level in order to change outward behavior.

John also spoke briefly about self-esteem and its role in anger. There are six characteristics of low self-esteem in our children:
• anger and rage issues
• smoking and substance abuse
• vulnerability to peer pressure
• eating disorders
• strained or hostile relationships
• generally unhappy

In order to better help your child with their issues of anger and rage, begin with addressing how they feel about themselves. Teach them to express their feelings in an appropriate manner. Give them skills to find solutions to whatever is troubling them. Teach them relaxation techniques. And above all, be a good role model of healthy anger.

For more information, contact John Eric Jacobsen @ 856-988-7266 or visit
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