What do kids eat in Botswana, Brazil, China, Turkey and other countries… do they, would they eat what our kids eat? Will our kids eat what they eat? Our guest expert on this subject is Chris Kilham, a medicine hunter, author, educator, and world-traveler researching and promoting plant-based medicines. He is the founder of Medicine Hunter, Inc., and is a Fox News integrative alternative medicine TV personality and columnist. Together with co-host, Tracee, RD, chef, author and founder of Real Food Moms, we will explore the foods kids eat around the world and expand your culinary horizons – sure to be fascinating.

The saying Food is Medicine will also be examined.  There is no better person to dig into this subject with than Chris Kilham.  Get ready to be amazed!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen, Thursday, Aug. 15th, 1pm ET, and  See you then!

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It’s Lunch Box Time! Ready Solutions – Recipes (SUNDAY. 1pm ET)


What happened to this summer?  School starts next week for some. Other kids will be walking into their new classrooms soon afterwards. Maybe some of you have been making lunches to go all summer for camp.  You must be really tired of packing the same ole, same ole sandwiches, single serve snacks and drinks.  Those who have had a lunch box summer break are most likely dreading this fill-it-up routine for school.

Good News!  We have new fresh healthier ideas for you that kids love.  Our Family Food Experts co-hosts, the NutritionBabes, Kathy Siegel and Lauren Harris-Pincus (both dietitians and moms) have easy lunch box fillers for you.  So does our expert food guest, Catherine McCord.  Her new book is just hitting the market: Weelicious Lunches : Think Outside the Lunch Box with More Than 160 Happier Meals.  Get a sneak peek with us.  If you fill lunch boxes daily, then this is a show not to be missed.

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen, Sunday, Aug. 11th, 1pm ET,  See you then!

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M & M’s: Motive and Method

People often ask me if they should say something to someone or make a particular life decision. My response to them is, “Why would you and how are you planning to?”

Motive (intent) is a key factor in determining the validity of any decision. “No one likes my sister-in-law and I’m going to tell her.” While I’m not opposed to addressing this issue, I question the reasons. Is it to hurt her feelings, put her in her place, make yourself look wonderful? Or is it to help her understand why her relationships aren’t working, thereby giving her the opportunity to improve them?

One must be totally honest with oneself. Too often we delude ourselves into believing our motives are honorable when in truth they are shady and deceptive.

Our voices are saying “I brought this to your attention because I care about you” while our hearts are secretly gloating over the hurt or shame being inflicted on the other party.

Assuming your reasons are pure, you must then consider your method (approach). How you choose to present information is equally important. I encourage a direct and honest approach. However, your choice of words and tone of voice must be carefully chosen. It is not ok to just blurt something out without taking into consideration how the other party might feel.

During college, I worked as an assistant manager of a small jewelry store. Our employees were all trained as diamond consultants. One day, a gentleman entered and inquired about a ring. I showed him our selection. A coworker promptly appeared and declared she was more qualified to assist him. I was mortified but quietly conceded. When I approached her later on, she innocently stated she was only trying to help. I was young but not naïve: she was jealous of my position and needed to put me in my place.

If she were truly concerned, she could have inquired as to how things were going and if we found what we were looking for. Then, if I needed assistance, I could have requested it.

Pay careful attention to motive and method before making every decision. Did you choose your career for the salary and prestige or because it’s your passion? Do you get ahead in life at the expense of others or bring them along with you? Are you losing weight so others will admire you or because you value your health? And method: diet pills, or sensible eating and exercising?

Be brutally honest with yourself. Review your M&M’s. Make the honorable choice.

The end result will reflect it.

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