January Jones-Dottie’s House-Safe Haven

Dottie's House

Dottie’s House

January Jones-Dottie’s House-Safe Haven


Carol A. Wolfe is unquestionably a hero. Through her New Jersey-based non-profit Dottie’s House, she has created a safe haven for hundreds of women who felt they had no options and no place to go to escape the daily hell they faced in what should have been their very own sanctuary – their home.

 In 1999, after reading a number of articles about the epidemic of domestic violence (of which her mother was a victim) committed against women, Wolfe launched Dottie’s House – a transitional housing facility designed to aid women and children who have survived domestic violence.

It gives them an alternative to staying in the dangerous “hamster wheel” of violence and emotional toxicity with their abuser by providing them with an affordable housing option through their own private apartments. 


January Jones – We Don’t Die!

Sandra Champlain,

#1 Bestselling Author

We Donʼt Die

 A Skepticʼs Discovery

of Life After Death

Author: We Don't Die

Author: We Don’t Die

A fear of dying and a massive dose of skepticism led Sandra Champlain on a fifteen-year journey of discovery for proof of life after death. Through the disciplines of science and medicine, she uncovered the clear, undeniable truth that we don’t die. However, she kept this information to herself, fearful of what others might think. The death of her father caused Sandra to investigate the painful world of grief. Her findings have lessened pain, helped save relationships and prevented suicides. Proof that they will survive physical death. Evidence that their deceased loved ones are still with them. How they can ease the incredible pain caused by grief.

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