3 Simple Steps to Stress Reduction! TODAY, 1pm ET


Wouldn’t you love it if we could wave a magic wand and make all your stress disappear? What a great Mother’s Day gift that would be! Good news, though we have not yet located that wand, we do have a gift for you, time with April O’Leary who has created 3 Simple Steps to Stress Reduction. These work – you can do this and live the difference! As a busy working mom, April is dedicated to reducing stress for moms so you can find peace of mind and joy every day. As a Certified Master Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Founder of the University of Moms Conference, she is more than qualified and, in fact, has hands-on experience in stress reduction success. Along with co-host Carolina Jantac, RDN (Kid Kritics Approved) we are going to lighten up your day today and every day!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to join April, Carolina to begin the rest of your life with reduced stress. Mom, you deserve it! Thursday, 1pm ET, on W4WN.com and W4CY.com.

… for the health of your family,

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January Jones & The Brain Broad


Lynette Louise


In a world where lots of people have multi-hyphenated identities, a whole new language would have to be invented to describe Lynette Louise. She is an artist and an academic, a brainiac and a goofball, a healer and a heat-seeking missile. She is a rock and a free spirt, and most of all, she is the loving mother of an intense, colorful, demanding brood of eight, now young-adult children (five with special needs) and eight grandchildren.

Lynette Louise holds two board certifications in Neurofeedback and is working on her Phd. in Psychology, with a specialty in Psychophysiology. As a neurofeedback specialist, Lynette Louise is on the cutting edge of treating autism and other brain-related disorders

Spiritually Speaking with Sarah

OUR 250th SHOW!!

TONIGHT  join Sarah, Spirit  and today’s leading Spiritual Teachers as we celebrate our 250th show together! Celebrate with Sarah, Spirit  and their very special guests:
Calvin Cates,
Mike Davies,
Dean K. Piper,
Robin Rose,
and Shelia & Marcus Gillette/THEO.
Join us as  WE Celebrate YOU! Call & speak to Sarah & Spirit! Be sure to tune in Tonight at 7 PM! If you couldn’t connect last week be sure  to call early this week!
Out of state call (800) 889-0267

In Florida call (561) 844-6167

TONIGHT tune in to

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starting at 7 PM ET!

“WE ARE joined together on this Earth
to work together UNITED AS ONE.”

~ SarahSpiritual ~

Do You Have A Special Prayer Request?
Do you need expedited, miraculous assistance from the Saint known to create ANSWERS & MIRACLES?

SarahSpiritual has created a collection in honor of  St. Expedito, Patron Saint of
urgent causes & rapid results!

The St. Expedito Rapid Results  Collection features one each of the  following hand-crafted items:

St. Expedito Rapid Results Bath
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Petition Parchments and Instructions

Get the St. Expedito  Rapid Results Collection for  $33  & save $10!

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Reverend Calvin Cates
John of God Crystal
Bed Healing Sessions
Friday, May 9, 2:30 – 5:30 PM
Sat., May 10; 11 AM – 5:30 PM

The Crystal Bed is a healing system using an array of seven specially cut and lighted quartz crystals positioned over the Chakra centers of the body. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies.

Whether or not you’ve been to Brazil to visit John of God, allowing yourself to  experience the healing Crystal Bed designed by John of God is a must.

Experience Crystal Bed Healing  for $2 per minute.

Register for 20 or 30 minute sessions at the link below, then call 561 682 0955 to schedule your time slot.
For Information and Registration!
Or call 561 682 0955

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