Mercury in Retrograde…Full Moon Eclipse…Wow!


Mercury went retrograde on August 30th and will remain so until September 22nd. What exactly does this mean? Literally Mercury is not moving backwards but because it is the planet closest to the sun’s its orbit is much shorter than the Earth’s. About 3 or 4 times a year Mercury speeds up and passes the Earth. If you were star gazing it would appear that this planet is moving backwards and ancient astrologers thought just that so coined it as Mercury retrograde. Knowing exactly what it means is not as important as knowing what it means for you. There is a belief that the planets and their movements effect us here on Earth. “As above so below” so to speak. When things are moving a bit different in space it causes us to feel different here on Earth. Consequently you will often here people bemoan the fact of Mercury being in retrograde and it can be blamed on a multitude of things such as electrical disturbances, problems with miscommunication and basically wreaking havoc on areas of our lives where we count on stability. This Mercury retrograde is in Virgo so it is calling on us to slow down and inspect our lives. What has worked in the past we should consider keeping? What has not they we should consider losing? Do we hear a calling of the soul that is guiding us to try something new whether in where we live, what we do, or the people we are with?

In addition on September 16th we have a full moon, known as the Harvest Moon, in the astrological sign Pisces. Pisces is all about our intuition and relying on our abilities that are outside our physical senses. A water sign, Pisces reminds us to be fluid and keep our options open. It also will be a lunar eclipse when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow. This eclipse will be focusing on the truth. Whatever you have been avoiding may be revealed in this energy. You may feel angry, frustrated, or just out of sorts but all this is for the good if you recognize what this is trying to tell you. It is all about coming out of the shadow and facing the light.

What can we do to get through this time? Meditation for one. A great time to sit in quiet contemplation. If you are new to meditation try a guided meditation CD.  Take a walk outside at night and allow yourself to be lightened by the full moon. Journaling is a powerful tool as well. If you find yourself feeling angry or frustrated put pen to paper and ask yourself Why am I angry? then without censoring just answer the question. Once you have done this take a moment to sit with it. Is there a truth here you have not acknowledged before? Is there a correction to made? Something to release?

We will be talking about all this on The Night Shift, Tuesday, 9/13 at 7:00 PM Eastern time. I also will be doing mini readings in the chat room to see if we can get some insights that way. Kick off these astrological events with me!

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What is an Aura?


An aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds every human body, organism and object in the Universe. An egg shape, this energy field is approximately 2-3 feet around the body. It consists of different bodies:
1. Physical auric body – Which holds physical sensations such as physical comfort, pleasure, health.
2. Etheric auric body – Deals with our emotions with respect to self,  such as self-acceptance and self-love.
3. Vital auric body- Deals with the rational mind and helps us to understand the situations we are faced with in a clear, logical and rational way.
4. Astral or emotional auric body- Deals with our relationships with others such as our loving interactions with family and friends.
5. Lower mental auric body is where our Divine will is held. It assists us in aligning with the divine will within and our commitment to speak and follow the truth.
6. Higher mental auric body is the center of our divine love and spiritual ecstasy.
7. Spiritual intuitive body connects us with the divine mind which brings serenity and understanding of the greater universal pattern.
There are ways to sense your aura and where it is in relation to the body. In my workshops, I have my students stand with their arms stretched out straight from the shoulders. The hands are flexed with their palms facing up. In this position I ask them to close their eyes and see if they can sense any boundary there. It may be a feeling of pressure, a tingling, heat or cold sensation. Whatever way their hands interpret this is correct for them. If they are having problems feeling their aura I ask them to set an intention that their aura be exactly where it is meant to be. Sometimes our auras are too close to the body and have to be pushed out or too far out and have to be pulled in. Once we correct this the majority of students can feel something and are aware then of keeping this protective boundary in place.
Kirlian photography is used to take pictures of your aura. The colors present in the aura can be read by the practitioner who is taking the photograph. In my practice, I read auric fields and find that they give a fascinating insight into my clients. For example, if I see indigo around a client’s head it signifies to me that their intuitive abilities are open and being called upon. Yellow in the aura which may appear light in color indicates to me that there is a power struggle going on. This color signifies that my client needs to be comfortable to be in their own power. Green signifies healing to me and I usually see this color when someone is healing physically or emotionally.
Pictured here is a photograph I took of my mom years ago. I used an APP on my phone so it is by no means sophisticated but gives you a good idea of what an aura picture may look like. As you can see the color on her right is a pale pink. This represents love of all kinds and because we were at her great granddaughters’ birthday party I would say this color is present because of the great love she had for family. The lavendar on the left side signifies a daydreamer, signs of being in a wishful state. As you can see from her expression this does fit. My mom crossed over two years ago and I smile whenever I come across this picture as I feel it captures her spirit so well.

Auras are a  fascinating subject and will be the focus of this week’s,The Night Shift on September 6. Join me at 7:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Pacific. I will be doing mini readings as well so it will be a jam packed fun filled show!

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I think the majority of people would agree that it’s unhealthy to live in the past. After all, we’re all familiar with the new age philosophy, “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it’s called the Present”. Living in the past holds us back from being able to embrace the present moment. People hold on to childhood fears, adolescent pain, betrayals, bitterness, anger, etc. Even in terms of fond memories: very often when the present is difficult we are quick to recall “the good old days” when life was theoretically better. In our nostalgia, comparisons to better days gone by conjure up feelings of sadness and loss that easily translate into resentment, unhappiness, bitterness, and hopelessness. In our minds, life will never again reach those standards of excellence.

Recalling mistakes we’ve made in the past is also considered counterproductive as it can lead to remorse, regret, low self-esteem, and self-loathing. On so many levels, living in the past seems to be a bad idea. Or is it? Are there ever any benefits to revisiting a previous time? Actually, yes.
The past has several perks:

Learn from our mistakes: We all know that poor choices can be some of life’s greatest teachers. Recalling times when we made mistakes can reinforce reasons why we are better off not repeating them. Understanding what we did or didn’t do, how it impacted our lives in a negative way, and how we felt during and after the encounter helps us to make smarter and wiser decisions in the future. In this way, the past becomes a point of reference for future decision making.

Moving beyond: By revisiting an unfavorable event from our past, we can often view it from a different perspective as time has passed. Being older and presumably wiser, we are now able to re evaluate the experience and gain deeper insights and understandings of what happened and why, and how it has impacted us since. We also have the ability to change how any situation continues to impact us. What once scarred us can now be healed through a new-found awareness and no longer be a negative force in our lives.

Motivated by prior successes: There are times when we have all enjoyed success on a variety of levels. Other times life has been difficult and times have been lean. A quick trip down memory lane to a prior time when we were at our best can help motivate us out of our current slump and put us back on track for success. Use your past successes to propel you on to newer and greater things. Remember: success breeds success.

Fond memories of comfort and joy: I love looking at old photos. They bring back vivid memories of some of the most fun and memorable times in my life. Doing so provides a moment to relive a joyful time and evokes feelings of fondness and happiness once again. Recalling what brought us the most pleasure is an incentive to recreate those moments or to embark on new adventures that are exciting, loving, and memorable, those that we can later reference once again trigger memories of comfort and joy. In the case of the loss of a loved one, fond memories of that individual can be a powerful tool for healing from the loss. Pain is replaced by warm recollections of the one we loved and helps to keep that love and memory of them alive.

A gauge of progress: Very often it’s difficult to see how far we’ve come in life. We work hard but our progress seems infinitesimal by comparison to others or to what we imagined it should look like. Only when we revisit our starting point are we able to see just how much we’ve accomplished. This simple act can boost our morale, restore our hope, increase our self-esteem and confidence, and motivate us to continue putting forth effort.

So while it’s evident that revisiting the past has several perks, there are a few caveats. Just like an amusement park, it’s fine to visit but you cannot stay there forever. At some point, the park closes and all visitors are asked to leave. Enjoy the past when necessary but don’t reside there indefinitely. Use it as a perk for living in the present and planning for the future. In that way, it will serve you well.

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