Your Right To Personal Boundaries

According to Wikipedia personal boundaries are: guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits”. I think this is a good definition and just wondering how are your personal boundaries? At times we can all do a little work on this so let’s set up some guidelines that might help:

  • You have a right a have personal boundaries and with this recognition opens the door to defining yourself and what is acceptable to you and what is not. How do you let others treat you? Do you set limits to what is acceptable and what is not? This is tied in to your self approval and self worth. If you don’t have healthy boundaries you tend to let others define you rather than defining yourself. To resolve this set clear boundaries for yourself and don’t be afraid to enforce them. For instance if you have repeatedly told someone that after 10 PM you don’t take phone calls unless it is an emergency and this person constantly comes up with some drama or another after that time be ready to enforce that rule, use caller ID and don’t take the call.
  • The word NO is a complete sentence. When someone asks you to do something you can simply say no without have to defend your answer. If you tend to be someone who has a hard time saying no and than regretting your YES afterwards it may take some practice but it is well within your right to “Just Say No!”
  • Other people’s needs are not more important than yours. When we give..give..give till it hurts it usually does. We have to remember to refill our energetic well and take care of our own needs so we will have what it takes to take care of other’s. Sometimes there are people in our lives who demand we take care of their needs before our own. If this is a constant, boundaries are essential. Personally I find these people to be full of drama and always believe what they need is more important than anything else. Learn to discern this behavior and act accordingly. If it is a friend frank commuication can help. With a family member set your limits in your mind and enforce them. Usually with these dramarama (a term I have coined) individuals no matter what you do it is not enough so keep that in mind when you get caught up in the people pleasing cycle.
  • Trust yourself…Believe in yourself and know that when you do what is best for you, you are doing what is best for everyone in your life. You are here to enjoy your life and being a good helpful person is what we are taught to be. Of course that is what we all strive to be but putting yourself first is not selfish it is self loving and keeping healthy boundaries to protect yourself is the first step in a wonderful romance with YOU!

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How Networking Can Help You Build a Stronger Business

 Dishing With Judith

Social media is a wonderful thing, it has opened new doors, expanded our global reach, and boosted our potential for creating positive change in the world to an amazing level. But, in my opinion, the one thing it can’t do is replace face-to-face interactions. According to the experts at HubSpot, “there isn’t a single technology that will replace the power of in-person relationship building.”

When researching this, I found an amazing infographic along with excerpts from Richard Branson’s blog that supports the importance of personal connections even more. (You can check it out HERE). While acknowledging the power and prevalence of digital communications and online social media, research shows that face-to-face conversations tend to be more positive, and perceived as more credible, than online conversations. Our body language, the inflection (or way we speak), is as important to the bottom line of the conversation as the actual words we use.

Bottom line, in-person conversations and communications build strong, better, relationships.

My good friend and networking expert Toni Caruso agrees. As the managing director of the eWomen Network in Calabasas, CA, and a networking and etiquette expert who is called on to speak and teach about just these subjects, she said she has seen a lot of “dos and don’ts” when it comes to relationship and business networking, such as:

Don’t think having a glass of wine and talking about family is networking for your business. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you’re creating personal relationships (friendships), instead of mutually beneficial business ones.

Do learn to make valuable business connections by asking the right questions and learning how to “Give” instead of “Sell” in your conversations. I notice that in social media and many in-person networking organizations it’s become no longer about how can I help you, but more about what you can do for me. That’s the wrong approach, what you should be asking is “How can I help you, what are you all about?”

I couldn’t agree more. Learning to navigate the social aspects of life will benefit you in any type of business, no matter what you decide to do. For myself, as I transitioned from building one business to the next, it was the connections I made and the professional relationships I built that carried me through and helped me find success each and every time.

To learn more about how to walk into a room, ask the right questions, and create connections that benefit everyone involved, check out my Dishing with Judith podcast featuring Toni Caruso by clicking HERE.

Do you have a networking strategy that works for you? A question that opens people up and helps to create immediate connections and in-depth conversations. I invite you to leave a comment here on the blog and share. Or send me an email at, I’d love to dish with you about it!

~ Judith

Judith Mancini is producer and host of “Dishing with Judith,” her popular radio talk show on Women 4 Women Radio ( and Broadcast live in-studio from Burbank, California, Mancini’s guests  include celebrities, musicians, artists, authors and anyone with powerful knowledge or a spicy story.  Her co-host, Noelle, a fashion designer/blogger, social media expert and founder/CEO of Digital Media Strategy offers weekly “fashion finds” and lively commentary on all the new social trends.

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Business: How to Use Blogging to Create Loyal Fans and Customers

Dishing With Judith

Do you blog for your business? There’s a lot of writing required when you own a business, and social media/blogging adds a whole new aspect to it that I know a lot of my readers want to know more about. Recently I dedicated a podcast to a topic I think many of my listeners have questions about – blogging for business. My guest, Dawn Mena, a former LA Times editor, works with people who struggle with what to write for their blogs and pretty much anything else to do with their business. She shows them how to get the results they are looking for by applying simple strategy principles, and a lot of personality, that inspires audiences and keeps them coming back for more.

We had a lot of fun talking about her journalism background. And agreed heartily that no matter how humble we are about our business or entrepreneurial adventures, we all have “headline” stories that when shared with our audience (via our blogs, bios and websites),  create stronger connections and loyal fans.

Now, when it comes to blogging, Dawn shared three very easy tips that we can use to create blogs we can be proud of (and support our business, too!) I know I’m going to start using these right away, I hope you do too!

Tip #1: Have a strategy

Writing without strategy is like trying to travel without a map. You’re going to do a lot of work, put in a lot of miles, and might not get where you want to be. Dawn’s tip for using strategy with blogging is to think “backwards.” Decide what your end goal is.  Maybe it’s selling a product, promoting an event, or getting people to sign up for your newsletter. Now plan out your blog articles so that they all support that end goal. Like leading your readers down the right path, right? That’s strategy!

Tip #2: Use your bio

Make sure you write on your website About Page or in an introduction blog post a conversational sharing of your story. Elements you should touch on include stating clearly who you work with, what you provide, and how you do it (a little about your products and services). Then weave in the interesting parts about why you do what you do, what makes you the person that is so good at it, and the ways you connect with your clients or customers. Story helps people visual how they can work with you, and gives them connections that keep them coming back.

Tip #3: The secret to really great copy… personality!

Too often, Dawn shared, we tend to write like we’re being graded by our teachers instead of letting our true voices and personalities shine though. That’s the ticket, however, for creating meaningful dialog – letting loose and letting your personality be heard in the writing that you do for your blog. How to do this? Write as if you are speaking directly to your favorite colleague or client. Your readers will love it  – and you’ll shine through as a much more authentic, personable you!

Don’t forget, Dawn also offered something special for listeners (and this includes you, too!) – a free guide filled with tips for building a loyal audience for your blog. It’s available on the home page of her website at Let me know how your blogging efforts go – and anything else I can help you with by leaving comments below or emailing me at

Thanks for being here, I’ll meet you in the next post!   ~ Judith

Judith Mancini is producer and host of “Dishing with Judith,” her popular radio talk show on Women 4 Women Radio ( and Broadcast live in-studio from Burbank, California, Mancini’s guests  include celebrities, musicians, artists, authors and anyone with powerful knowledge or a spicy story.  Her co-host, Noelle, a fashion designer/blogger, social media expert and founder/CEO of Digital Media Strategy offers weekly “fashion finds” and lively commentary on all the new social trends.

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