FanBase without Evil Jeff.



Hey to all you listeners of Fanbase, blog writer Danny Ryde here. Time to give you all the info about the latest FanBase your favorite radio show for anime, video games, comic’s etc. On last weeks show unfortunatly Evil Jeff was sick and for the first time couldn’t make it to the show. But there was some good news we had our first female co-host to audition to be Krysta’s temp until she comes back, Chippy. She is very witty as was proven in our opening segment. Our blast of Sugar for that day was short but hard hitting it was Love Hear Shine by Riyu Kosaka. After we all recovered from our diabetic shock becayse of the song we went into WTF News. Our stories for this week were, School Girl Grouper Stimulated by Chikan Sites, Hikikomori Murders Little Sister Because She Was to Noisy, and 46% of Japanese Women Admit Infidelity. Some side stories that we went over were Hollywood Akira movie Un-cancelled and live action Nodame Cantabile to be made, Japanese not American. After the news we played an interview with voice actor Michel Sinternickles (Dean from Venture brothers, Leo from teenage mutant ninja turtles), He is a very nice guy and very hyper active. After the Interview we played Resonance by T.M. revolution from Soul Eater. After that Chippy brought up an article she found about a women paying a a guy to rape her.

Then I introduced the new raffle we are creating for twp VIP tickets for the convention Zonacon. How the raffle works is this: every show we will ask a question and it could range from an anime series to what happened on the last FanBase show. Then you send us an email to with your answer and if it’s right we will put your name and info in a raffle that we are having in October for the VIP Passes. You can only answer through email ,not the phone or chat room. Then we drew for the one day pass to Zonacon, our winner was Juan Alvarez Congratulations. After that we called Evil up to be part of our first discussion which was Final Fantasy 13. We discussed the improvements in Graphics the Characters and the story of the game. After that we went into the arcade block. our songs for this week were: Next Door from Street Fighter 4, God Hand from God Hand and Come together by The Beatles from The Beatles Rock Band. Then we had our first VIP raffle question which was: “from the anime Rarouni Kenshin what is Kenshin’s real name and the answer is Shinta. We then made fun of Big B for losing on W4CY’s new game show who wants to be a monopoly zeronaire. We then played another interview from Mizucon this time it was voice actor Vic Manyana (Ed from FMA). Then we played Dont Say Lazy from K-on. Then we went into our media release and we finished the show with Welcome Home form Coheed and Cambria from the new movie 9. Thatwas our show Last week. tune in this week when we will have Evil Jeff back, another girl trying out for Krysta’s spot and a TON of J-rock. Tha’s FanBase this Thursday on at 4pm see you then.                   

It’s Intertainment Tuesday

Hi everyone. Peter from Peter’s Livingroom here. I just love Intertainment Tuesday’s. The afternoon is informative and fun with such shows as the Power of Music,Peoples Choice and the Knapster Show. Harriet gets your blood boiling and the Knapster informs and supports inititives that help and aid all military, whether currently serving or one of our endeared veterans. We can’t forget the irreverent Peter Piper Show at 3 PM. Those guys are NUTS!. Then at 6 PM the music starts! SKA Safari, peter’s Livingroom, That’s Life and Party Nation. I don’t think there’s any One Stop Shop that gives you such an assortment of shows. Log on early and stay with us. I am sure there will be some contests and giveaways. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones. Call in or just be active in the W4CY Chat room. Whichever you choose, I hope to see you on W4CY Radio.

Peter’s Livingroom Tonight at 7 PM it’s Larry Migliore. Songwriter of Country Music. When you hear his songs, you’ll be amazed at those who have recorded them. Remember 7 PM on