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FanBase and Hentai, all guys no girl


Hello to the FanBase army, this is Danny Ryde. Last week’s show was more perverted then most but we had a good reason. The show was all about Hentai (Japanese anime porn). Unfortunately Krysta was sick (Yea Right) for this show so she couldn’t be with us. However we did have a guest host with us so we were able to manage. Our guest host was our good friend Fearless Leader, who we all knew from FAU. On last weeks show we had our first real song request. the song was Hare Hare Yukai from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia and it was requested by Maddy Panda. Thank you Panda, for being our first real song request. After the sugar rush we went into our famous news segment WTF News. Our stories this week were. a teacher having a 16yo school girl massage his nether regions. A concert for the anime show Macross from singers from the series of the show.A Buddhist temple in Japan uses cute characters to try and draw more converts and orgy mania sweeps Japan. After the news we played a special song for Fearless Leader. It was Chain by Back On from the anime Air Gear.

We then went into our main topic of the show and it was Hentai. Hentai : Japanese Anime porn. First we went into our general thoughts about it and we came up with up this general conclusion. Hentai is hot and a lot of it is hilarious.Then we talked about different genre’s of hentai such as  tentacle, comedy and bondage. After that we played Almost Easy by Avenge Seven Fold, for Krysta because she loves that song. We then went into a discussion on Yuri Fan Boys since the week before we did Yaoi Fan Girls. The one thing that was made clear to us  is that Yuri fan boys like the girls have a signature shriek but its a guy shriek so its even more painful to hear. After the Yuri we went into the arcade block. The arcade block consisted of the Zelda Theme played on Heineken bear bottles (Awesome), then there was the fight music from FF7 piano version then finally Bumble Bee from DDR. After the Arcade Block we discussed hentai addiction. The signs that some one is a hentai addict is that they are extremely fat, perverted and trying to take obscene photos of girls cosplaying. Finally we talked about ways for parents to handle the situation when their kids find henati. The best advice we could give is this do not make a huge deal about it. The bigger you make it the more kids are going to want to watch. Explain to them calmly what it is and then let them know whether or not its ok to be watching it at the current time. Then we played What’s This by Fallout boy from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Then it was time for Big B’s and Evil Jeff’s Random thought of the day. Basically we just Rick Rolled all our listeners. We ended our show with romantic summer from Seto no Hanume. That was our hentai show we hope all our listeners enjoyed listing to it as much as we did talking about it.