Trust Within Teams

How does your team perform? Could it be that your team does not have an adequate level of trust to foster success? All teams must have a basic level of trust. This may seem simplistic and obvious in nature; attaining team trust is not always easy. Trust within a team means that members are not personally judgmental. Insuring your team focuses on the concern, not the person is critical. As a leader, it is your responsibility to hold your team accountable to this standard. Teams that have a solid level of trust also speak and act in terms that illustrate they have the best interest of the other person or the team in mind. Members of a solid team do not allow personal objectives to interfere with the progress of the team.
Members of a solid team also provide solid feedback. Feedback means providing data and information to other individuals that is useful, focused on the team or objective, and not used as a personal attack. The other half of providing solid feedback is receiving feedback properly. As the receiver, one must not take the information personal; rather, build on the information provided to improve the team. For instance, if a member of the team gave me feedback that I need to be less critical of suggestions they gave in meetings, my response should be, “Thank you for the feedback. Can you give me a suggestion of what you mean and how I should react to suggestions as the come up in meetings?” I would then have them explain what that looks like and then restate the information back to them as I understood them. Finally, I would ask if I understood them correctly. If yes, thank them again, and begin to work on this issue. This is a minor issue and may have other surrounding issues, such as this person uses the meeting to give suggestions that are counterproductive to the team. If they came to me first, I must deal with that first; however, I should have provided them feedback that I feel they provide information that is counterproductive to the team during meetings…and explain what that looks like from my angle.

The most important point here, providing feedback is healthy and important. How it is received is just as important.

Source: Lencioni, Patrick. (2008). The 5 dysfunctions of a team. Jossey-Bass.

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FanBase’s J ROCK Show


Hey Grandmaster Ryde here to give you the rundown on last week’s FanBase so lets go. First we had to welcome back Evil Jeff who came back after being sick all of last week. I know that i make fun of and pick on my co-hosts but in truth each one of them is important to the show and helps it greatly and with out them the show losses power. So thanks to Evil Jeff for coming back. Also last weeks show was different then other shows because we decided to play all J-rock for the show. With the exception of the arcade block which was renamed the Anime block for the show every song was J-rock. We started things off with our intro’s as usual but with no female co-host, because due to directional problems she was late but the show had to go on. We started with our Blast of Sugar. This week we played Precious by Meg. After we all took about 10 shots of insulin we went in to WTF News. Our news stories for the show were: The Japanese Prime Minister calls for Thunder Birds, Japanese Women Abandon Women for Cats, Hitting Girls is Wrong so I Raped Her, Why SciFi changed their name to SyFy and finally just to show that crazy stuff happens here in the states, Burglar dismembered with Katana in Samurai Self Defense. Then we played UZU by Kagrea from the album Shu. After the song, we made the announcement that we aer going to be at EXP con which is happening Oct 9-11 in St. Augustine Florida, for all the info about it including events and special guests go to You really want to check this Con out it is going to be AWSOME. Then we played our interview with Artist/Voice actor Doug Smith from Mizucon. Then we did our daily drawing for Zona con, and our winner was so excited that every other word out of his mouth was #@$^%.  It was the funniest thing i had heard in a long time. After our hilarious phone call we played Border of the Dead by Aurural Vampire.


After the music we went into our first discussion of the day which was Realistic or unrealistic body types in anime. Evil Jeff explained that girls are tired of the Barbie body type in anime. And apparently there are problems with male characters. For example the spaghetti arms and their chins. Basically both boys and girls have legitimist reasons to complain about the body types in anime. we then went into the Anime Block. We played Modern Strange Cowboy from needless, then we played Fwa Fwa Time from K-On and the opening to the anime Maria Hlolic. Then we went into our second discussion which was a comparison between the video game series, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. We compared and contrast the two games and in the end we all voted that resident Evil was the better game, but Silent Hill is still a good game if you can i would buy both. Then we played Distorted Daytime by The Gazet. Then we went into our trivia question for the Zonacon VIP Ticket’s Our question was who is the English voice actor for Batou from Ghost in The Shell Stand Alone Complex. Then we went into our round table discussion which was “What would it be like if people tried to make a game from the movie gamer. We then ended the show with Sands of Time from Back-On. That was last weeks show, Next week Chippy is back on for her true audition for Kyrsta’s temp and more fun and random stuff to come. Tune into FanBase every Thursday at 4pm at we will see you there as we put THE RANDOM IN FANDOM