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Wellington teen talk show gets worldwide attention

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WELLINGTON, FL — High school Freshmen Rachael Piper and Rachel Bogert are hosts of "Get Real", an hour long show, broadcast weekly at http://www.w4cy.com/., an internet radio station.

"It’s not really different than talking to a group of friends in the courtyard," Piper said.  "That’s how it feels."

Produced in a small Wellington studio, and broadcast around the globe, the station is now ranked 25 in talk shows out of more than ten thousand internet stations worldwide.

No subject is off limits for the teens, including a recent show highlighting the pressures that come along for teens when entering high school for the first time.

"I would like to go to a whole new school and get a brand new image of myself if I could," Piper told her audience.

Much of the interaction with listeners comes from questions e-mailed through the radio show internet chat room.

Friend and co-host Shauna Bogert keeps track of the incoming chats.

"Someone wants to know if cliques are defined in high school, like you see in the movies," Bogert said as she read from the computer.

"There is definitely cliques," Piper said.  "You can look in the courtyard and see it clearly."

Station owner and father of one of the hosts, Dean K. Piper, says he ventured into internet radio six months ago with the mission of reaching out to people with positive messages that can change their lives for the better.

"Basically I am looking for this to be a household name," he said.  "In the future, this is what media will be about."

Spread through word of mouth and sites like Facebook and Twitter, ‘Get Real’ has hit a chord with young people

"I feel like I can be honest on this show and not get judged," Bogert said.

The success of the show has also given its hosts new ambition.

"I have people tell me ‘We love your show’," Bogert said.  " I’ve always loved to talk but I never thought I could make a career out of something I love."

The teen show can be heard live every Thursday night from 6 pm to 7 pm on http://www.w4cy.com/.

The station airs a variety of talk shows including an ‘Animation Video Gaming’ show. 

Wellington teen talk show gets worldwide attention |West Palm Beach News, South Florida Breaking News, Forecast, Video from WPTV

Wellington teen talk show gets worldwide attention |West Palm Beach News, South Florida Breaking News, Forecast, Video from WPTV

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