Herrrrreeee’s Lois

Hi everyone.
My name is Lois Levy and I’m coming to W4CY on Thursday July 16th at 1 pm Eastern to do a show called How’s Business? Yes, yes I’m taking Dean’s slot on Thursday. He was kind enough to let me have 1 and he’ll move to 11 am. I’m not big on morning so 1 pm will be perfect. I’ll be chipper, full of info, ready to talk business, organizations, careers, management, leadership and anything else you’d like to talk about.
I’ve been known in my life on radio to go off topic and I would expect that will happen on this show as well. I’m sure if I’d been broadcasting today I would have been talking about the Michael Jackson phenom. I did election stuff on election day and we talked Inauguration when I was on the air that day.
Sometimes I just have things on my mind and I want to share them and get other perspectives. I like dialogue and thorny conversation. It’s good to get lots of opinions, experiences and reactions.
So join me on Thursdays at 1 pm and we’ll talk about what’s going on in the marketplace, in the workplace and in the world of business.
I’ll be on Dean’s show on Thursday this week so give a listen and see what you think.
In the meantime, I’ll use this blog late at night to just muse about what I see and think.
I think I’ll like blogging. It’s like talking without any interruptions and you don’t have make any sounds.
And don’t forget, Life in not a dress rehearsal. Go and do.

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