Back on the air

So, on the air yesterday with Dean and Peter after being off for about three months. Felt really good.
Looking forward to next week and talking business with listeners. What would you like to talk about? Send in topics, comments, interests, pet peeves and we’ll see about discussing them together.
Read a little interesting thing today. On July 13th, the moon will be in the exact same position as it was in France on the night Vincent Van Gogh looked at the sky and was inspired to paint Moonrise. While it won’t look the same here as it does in France, it does seem kind of poetic to me and I’m going to make sure to keep watch for the moonrise here in South Florida.
I’ve had a really good week. I hope you have, too. What makes a good week for you? For me, it’s getting done the things that need doing, working with people who really want to be better at what they do, want to grow their businesses or are serious about changing careers. It’s being at the dog park with Hope a couple of times, visiting with people on the block and in the neighborhood, seeing a good movie, taking my vitamins. Nothing earth shattering and in fact rather mundane. What can I say? I’m easy.
Life is very unpredictable. We try to believe that we can control it, but really we can’t. Not even one little bit, but we can control our response to the things that happen to us and around us. We can be thoughtful about the choices we make. And we have to acknowledge that we make choices all the time. When people tell me they aren’t at work by choice I have to ask them who got them out of bed, washed, dressed, fed and out the door. Who got them to the door at work. Who opened the door and walked in. The motivation for why people are at work is as different as the number of people in the room, but everyone is there by choice. Hate what you do? Make a different choice or make it better.
We tend to give our power away and pretend that we’re victims when we aren’t. I don’t know why we do that. Maybe it makes it easier to stay where we are and not have to change. Change is painful…even good change is painful. Change means leaving something behind. losing something…even if it’s something we hate. I went to a leadership week once and the facilitator said. “All change is loss; all loss must be mourned.” I fought that, but now it’s almost 30 years later and I think it’s probably true. Patricia Sun says, “We are what we resist.” I absolutely hate to think that it’s true, but I know that it is. I know that when I am in resistance to someone or something I need to go look in the mirror and see what’s there.
For the moment, give yourself permission to just be. It’s Friday. Put the doing away. We are human beings, not human doings. Turn off the computer, the cell phone, the fax machine.
And Be.

Zaldiva Comics and FanBase


Hello all happy FanBase listeners this is Danny Ryde. Last week’s show was a bit more serious then usual but it was still fun. First our intro got all screwy because we were trying for something new and it didn’t work out so well but we saved it by doing our normal opening. We then kicked the show off the show with our blast of sugar. This week it was Scarlet from the anime Karin. After that we went into WTF News. The stories this week were Husband and wife toilet spying ended, Pervert steals 500 school uniforms, Police called over melting ice cream and the further difficulties of the visual novel industry in Japan. Then we played Inner Universe by Yoko Kano from Ghost in the Shell. We then went into part 2 of a discussion we had on the previous show and that was Anime Club Etiquette. However the only part we really got to was no talking while the club officers are talking to the club. After our small discussion we played, not an anime song but a visual K song. We played Shokubeni by the band Dir En Grey from their album Vulgar. After Dir En Grey it was time for our special guest Jeff the owner of Zaldiva Comics.


We talked to Jeff about how he came up with the name Zaldiva for his shop. To create the name Jeff took a Cuban name and twisted it around to be a word that doesn’t really mean anything and thus he came up with Zaldiva. Jeff then went on to list some of the products that Zaldiva sells. They have comic’s, graphic novels, statues, action figures, cards, basically everything that a cool comic book shop has. One thing that was very interesting about Zaldiva Comics is that unlike most comic book shops, they are publicly traded on the stock market. Also they are licensed to sell merchandise  on Ebay. Zaldiva is a great comic shop to go visit they have a ton of collectable merchandise that a fan of any series from the X-men to Star Trek would be impressed. Their address is 331 East Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, their phone number is 954-938-4133and they have two websites, and Go and check this store out you will be thoroughly impressed by their selection of merchandise and the incredible service they offer. Also when you checkout type in: postcard15 and you’ll get 15% off your first order and be sure to tell them you heard about them on FanBase. After our interview with Jeff we went into the arcade block. This week in the block we had Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin from Halo 2, Emiya from the visual novel Fate Stay Night and then the Mario Mix from Step Mania. The we went into a review of the box office hit Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. All I will say is that the movie is awesome it is a great sequel to the first film and leaves it open for more. My advice is go and see it RIGHT NOW. After the review we went into another topic of discussion and that is Racism in anime. In anime a majority of the time African American characters are portrayed in a racist way. Look at the character Mr.Popo, he is drawn as a short black person with extremely dark skin, big white eyes and big red lips. Mr. Popo in my opinion is a stereotype of the early 1900 minstrel shows. For more examples of racism in anime go check out the anime Cowboy Bebop and watch the episode Mushroom Samba. After our discussion we went into media releases and then Big B and Evil Jeff’s random thought of the day. This week Evil Jeff got a girl pregnant and was wondering what to do. Big B’s response was simple “Do a Barrel role”. After that we closed the show with the song Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult. That’s last weeks show of FanBase be sure to tune in this week for another exciting show where you never know what is going to happen. See you all on Thursday at 4pm.    

Herrrrreeee’s Lois

Hi everyone.
My name is Lois Levy and I’m coming to W4CY on Thursday July 16th at 1 pm Eastern to do a show called How’s Business? Yes, yes I’m taking Dean’s slot on Thursday. He was kind enough to let me have 1 and he’ll move to 11 am. I’m not big on morning so 1 pm will be perfect. I’ll be chipper, full of info, ready to talk business, organizations, careers, management, leadership and anything else you’d like to talk about.
I’ve been known in my life on radio to go off topic and I would expect that will happen on this show as well. I’m sure if I’d been broadcasting today I would have been talking about the Michael Jackson phenom. I did election stuff on election day and we talked Inauguration when I was on the air that day.
Sometimes I just have things on my mind and I want to share them and get other perspectives. I like dialogue and thorny conversation. It’s good to get lots of opinions, experiences and reactions.
So join me on Thursdays at 1 pm and we’ll talk about what’s going on in the marketplace, in the workplace and in the world of business.
I’ll be on Dean’s show on Thursday this week so give a listen and see what you think.
In the meantime, I’ll use this blog late at night to just muse about what I see and think.
I think I’ll like blogging. It’s like talking without any interruptions and you don’t have make any sounds.
And don’t forget, Life in not a dress rehearsal. Go and do.