Premier Show of Fan Base

Hey it’s Danny Ryde, I just wanted to let all the W4CY fans out there know about my brand new show Fan Base, it’s W4CY’s premier show about anime, video games,manga,comic books, etc. Its on every Thursday at 4pm. On it we talk about anime, video games, comic books, conventions, weird news happening in Japan.Pretty much any thing that come up in the world of geeks we will talk about. Also we play a lot of music from anime TV series, music from video games and music form Japanese rock and pop bands. So if your into Japanese animation and video games or if your just curious about stuff like that then Fan Base is definitely a show you want to check out. Remember it’s on every Thursday at 4pm on, come check us out.

So last Thursday we had our Premier show of Fan Base. It was great! The hosts of fan base are myself (Danny Ryde), my two good friends Evil Jeff and Big B and a special friend who is like a sister to me Krysta. On it we first had our intros so the W4CY fans would know who we are and not think were a bunch of weird people who broke into the W4CY studio and hijacked the equipment. After that we played a song called Cagayake Girls, its a very poppy girlish song and it’s a part of Fan Base called sugar rush because that’s what us anime fans call songs like that. Its meant to grab peoples attention and wake them up. After that we did WTF News (What The fill in the blank). These are crazy or weird news stories that are going on either in Japan or in the Geek community. Some of the stories we had were: ways for men in Japan to not be accused of molesting some woman on the train, a 59ft model of a popular anime battle suit called a Gundam is being built in Japan, and a Japanese college professor is being brought up on charges of sexual assault for fondling female students breasts over a teaching period of 20 years. Then we played Exile which is the opening song from the video game Street Fighter 4. After that we did a review of classic video games that we liked, I reviewed Little Nemo for the NES, Krysta reviewed Sonic for the Sega Genises and Big B reviewed a few games for the Super NES, evil Jeff couldn’t review anything because he isn’t really a classic gamer and he got BOOOOOOOOOed. After that we played Hanji which is the opening song to the anime Maria Holic. We wanted to do more on the show but we only had an hour, and the songs took longer then we thought so after Hanji we had to say Sayonara and ended the show with Redemption. The ending song to the game Final Fantasy VII Dirge off Cerberus. All and all i would say that our first show went GREAT and we can’t wait to get back on the air. Also just to let all the fans out there who liked Krysta don’t worry. Originally she was just going to be a guest host for that one show,but we had so much fun with her that she is now a full time host. Fan Base will be back next Thursday on with more craziness about anime, video games and comic books. so come check us out and become part of our Fan Base. So this is Danny Ryde saying I will see you all next Thursday at 4pm.


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Gaming with Play ‘N’ Trade


This is Danny Ryde, from W4CY Radio. Last week we were broadcasting live from the Relay for Life at Palm Beach Central High School. We had a great time. There was good food and a lot of great musical entertainment, and a lot of booths from interesting companies. However the one booth that both surprised me and kept a lot of people entertained for the whole night was Play N Trade. They set up their booth inside the W4CY Radio tent with TV screens and a speaker system, and held a Guitar Hero tournament to help raise money for the Relay for Life, which was really easy for them since practically everybody who came to Relay for Life, including my self was a big fan of Guitar Hero. They had a huge crowd around them constantly till 4am. People were playing Guitar Hero for hours non stop, in fact one of the High School students impressed the owners of Play N Trade with his Guitar Hero skills so much that now he is going to star in a Play N Trade commercial. Play N Trade is really coming out strong as the new kid on the block in the world of selling video games.I have been a console gamer my whole life, from the original Nintendo system to the Playstation 3 and X-Box 360, I love playing video games. I have been buying my games online and in stores like, Best Buy, Game stop and EB for years, However in my opinion the best one around is Play”N” Trade. when you first go into the store you’ll probably think that it’s no different then the other gamming stores but you would be wrong. First unlike other stores you can literally test play any game in the store before you buy it. So now you don’t have to worry about buying a game, getting all excited, playing it at  home only to realize that it sucks. And know you have wasted your money on a bad game and have to go through the hassle of returning it. With Play ’N’ Trade you’ll never have to go through that headache again. Another unique characteristic that separates Play ‘N’ Trade from other stores is that you can trade in any game from any system such as Sega Genesis, Super NES, or regular Nintendo. I was in there just last week playing Super Mario Bros 3. It was so relaxing I thought about just calling in sick to W4CY Radio and spending my day there playing classic games. Unlike other stores Play ‘N’ Trade has no cut off dates for trade in’s on video games. So if you love the old console games, like me, this is definitely the store to go to. Another thing that Play N Trade does that I personally have never heard of is that Play N Trade will repair your broken game discs and DVD’s. This make’s it twice as nice to go to. Not only can you get your games their but fix that game that’s just to scratched to play If you are a serious gamer and whether you want to play the newest or the oldest video games around without worrying  about whether a game is bad or good then Play N Trade is definitely the video game store to go to. Make sure to keep checking back to my blogs to learn of more events that Play N Trade is doing with W4CY Radio.