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Article in Forum Publications Newspapers including Sun-Sentinel & Wellington Forum

Radio hosts turn their Thursday broadcasts ‘green’

JASON PARSLEY | Forum Publishing Group

April 22, 2009

Motivational speaker and online radio host Dean Piper of Wellington recently decided to turn Thursdays at his online radio station into "Green Thursdays" from noon to 3 p.m. at www.w4cy.com. Piper recently left the online radio station in Greenacres to open up his own that would be based in Wellington so he could better serve the western communities. Piper and his partner Peter Wein both wanted to do something for the environment when they decided to start their own station.

"We want to educate people on how they can make a huge difference without it making a huge impact on their lives," Piper said. "For instance when you brush your teeth you don’t have to have the water running the whole time. There are little things that we all can do to save the environment that doesn’t really affect our lives such as shutting off the lights when you leave the house."
The three shows that run on Thursdays start at noon with "Peter’s Living Room" hosted by Wein about current issues in Wellington; at 1 p.m. "The Power of You" hosted by Piper; and at 2 p.m. "The Peter/Piper show" hosted by Piper and Wein. On Thursdays, however, each show will have a "green" theme.

"Hopefully someone will listen to the show and they will get together with their friends and they will discuss something they learned with them," Wein said. "We’ve got an audience. We have ears listening to what we say and we want to educate them and inform them."