Dr. Linda Sharkey and Morag Barrett

Dr. Linda Sharkey, PhD

Dr. Linda Sharkey is a trusted transformational expert, author, speaker,
and global leadership development coach.

Through her proven programs and no-nonsense approach, she helps create
high-potential leaders and shapes company culture for future growth.
Linda has deep experience working with Fortune 50 companies, and held
senior human resource executive positions at Hewlett-Packard and at GE

She is the co-author of, The Future-Proof Workplace – Six Strategies to
Accelerate Talent Development, Reshape Your Culture, and Succeed with
Purpose. (Wiley, 2017) This book is a survival guide for the new realities
of business and highlights Linda’s approach to helping businesses prepare
for the future.

Her co-authored book, Winning With Transglobal Leadership was named
one of the top 30 best business books for 2013.
She also co-authored Optimizing Talent with Dr. Paul Eccher, a groundbreaking
work spelling out proven steps to build a talent rich organization.

Dr. Sharkey is an inspiring keynote speaker at many global events, including
the Global HR Academy with the Conference Board and the
World Human Resources Development Conference, where she was honored
with the “Super Women Achievement Award.”

She is a founding member of the Marshall Goldsmith Group focused on
helping successful executives become even more successful. She has a
reputation as a no nonsense executive coach that enables those she coaches
to show measurable behavior change in the eyes of others.

Linda was Chief Talent Officer and V.P., People Development at Hewlett
Packard, responsible for establishing and driving the company’s talent
management initiative, performance management processes, career development,
executive staffing, coaching, employee engagement, and diversity
and inclusion efforts.

Prior to Hewlett Packard, Linda was with General Electric and held numerous
Senior Human Resources and Talent Management roles. She established
a leadership development effort for GE Capital that became part
of the Crotonville offerings and was named a best practice by CEO Jack
Welch. She led several key cultural integrations and established a coaching
process for executives, developed HR professionals as coaches and
personally coached many senior leaders.

She holds a PhD in Organization Development from Benedictine University,
MPA from Russell Sage College and a BA in History from Nazareth
College. She is a past two term member of the Academy of Management
Board for OD as the scholar practitioner.

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Morag Barrett

Morag Barrett is the co-author of The Future-Proof Workplace (Wiley) and author of the bestselling book, Cultivate. She’s also the founder and CEO of SkyeTeam, an international HR and leadership development company. As a sought-out speaker, facilitator and executive coach, Morag has worked with more than 3,000 leaders in twenty countries on four continents who are looking to deliver outstanding business results through developing their leadership skills and courage.

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