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January Jones-Payson Book Festival #4

payson book festival

Joanne Deck http://joannedeck.com/

Her book Sane Sex for Singles, delightfully educates you on the importance of intimacy and why today’s dating model does not work. Joanne was a featured author on Lifetime Television’s, The Balancing Act. With her business, “Nuture You” she does academic, dating and career coaching, tutoring services and training seminars.


Marilyn Poscic http://marilynposcic.com/
Angels Simplified tells you about angels in a simple ans easy to understand way. Many times, people ask their selves, why am I here, what is my life purpose and how can I fulfill that purpose? That is where the Angels come in to help Marilyn receive Their messages to help people understand their life lessons. She also assists in spiritual development mentoring, Intuitive Angel/ Psychic/Medium Sessions and classes and presentation.http://marilynposcic.com

Sandy Wright is an award-winning author of paranormal and romantic suspense novels, poetry and short fiction. Her newest novel is Song of the Ancients, set in the magical red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.
Sandy loves to take ordinary characters and put them in extraordinary situations that change their view of this world. A journalism major and teacher, she is also a 2nd degree Wiccan High Priestess with a coven in the Phoenix, AZ area.

January Jones- Payson Place Book Festival

Welcom to Payson Place:

Meet: Jan Cleere  Tucson

Author, historian and lecturer Jan Cleere writes extensively about the people who first settled in the desert southwest. She a member of the Speakers Bureau with the Arizona Humanities Council, and serves on the Coordinating Council of the Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail. She is the author of four award-winning books and featured in three anthologies. Jan also writes a monthly column for Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star detailing the lives of some of Southern Arizona’s early amazing women. Her latest book is Never Don’t Pay Attention: The Life of Rodeo Photographer Louise L. Serpa. Anyone who has ever stared down an angry bull coming full throttle across an arena, aimed right at your gut, will understand why Louise Serpa adamantly and often uttered the adage that became her motto
Carol Sletten  Pinetop 928-367-1079 carolsletten@cableone.net

Meet: Carol Sletten is an award-winning writer and illustrator whose work reflects her fascination with the history, landscape and people of the American West. She is the author and illustrator of the Arizona Centennial Legacy Project, Story of the American West, Legends of Arizona and Three Strong Western Women, a popular play and book by the same name. Her current project is a novel based on the life of a powerful Apache medicine man. Carol lives and works in a cabin surrounded by forest a mile from the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona’s White Mountains.

Meet; Amy Jamison Phoenix (AKA Cherie Lee)

Visions From Above is her first book. Amy believes we all have intuitive powers to connect with the spirit world. Life happens, free will reigns and we are not at peace with others and us in order for this connection to occur. We have to be free of all negative thoughts and actions. This is no easy task and it takes a great change of personality and thoughts. She believes everything is practical through God.
Amy has recently set up an ad in her hometown, to connect with other individuals, who have had death, near death experiences, or have experienced beings of light. Amy’s goal is to organize a support group for these individuals to share their stories with her, and help them and her heal in the process. Amy believes the more she and others similar to her share their stories, the more likely the world will be able to accept the reality of visions, physics, mediums and the spiritual world.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Author, Mark Victor Hansen, Joins Dean, Jessica and The Young CEO Movement tonight

Today at 6PM ET on www.w4cy.com get a sneak preview of special appearances by Chicken Soup author Mark Victor Hansen, Dean K. Piper, and Jessica Hope Piper on The Young CEO Movement talking about The Richest Kids Academy.