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11.12.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with Guest Holistic Therapist/Energy Healer, Michelle Alva



Michelle Alva, PT, RYT, EHP is a holistic physical therapist, energy healer, belly dance teacher and yoga therapist. She empowers, inspires and educates through her writings, one-on-one healing sessions, workshops and public speaking. Michelle’s diverse background has taught her that we are limitless beings able to co-create and manifest our true heart’s desire to live a life filled with passion, ease and lightness. She is a catalyst for individuals to heal, de-stress, energize and align with their authentic self.
Michelle sings with the TAO Orchestra and recently created a guided meditation CD called Free Yourself to empower and educate individuals on how to tap into their inner resources to heal, energize and de-stress from the inside out. Visit her and receive a free gift at

“I Caused Hurricane Sandy: Facing the Fear of the Unknown”

I take full responsible for the recent “Frankenstorm” that ravaged the east coast, destroying homes and businesses, displacing millions of people, causing billions of dollars in damages, and more. I am fully aware of being careful of what you wish for and may have been irresponsible in a recent request. I’ve been under enormous pressure for more than a year and a half and desperately wanted a week off so I could clean my office, do yard work, and take care of other personal business. The Universe knows I never voluntarily take time off so I think it may have inadvertently caused the devastating hurricane that knocked out my power for eight days, allowing me plenty of time to clean out all the paperwork in my office and uncover that desk I was certain was still there. I cannot even begin to express the remorse I feel for those whose lives were disrupted by my reckless universal petition.

No matter what impending threats lurk in our future, there is a certain amount of fear and anxiety we face when confronted with the unknown. A storm of this magnitude had not occurred in more than one hundred years so there was much to be concerned about. How can one calm the inner storm that looms within?

First, understand that fear is a lack of trust – trust in the situation about to occur, trust in one’s own ability to weather the certain changes, trust in God that He will provide for us everything we need to get through.

Second, I need to prepare for what may transpire. Do I have a generator, lots of food and water, batteries and flashlights, have I secured anything outdoors that may not withstand hurricane winds, and so forth? Having a plan and taking action creates a sense of power in the situation and brings a sense of comfort and control.

Remain vigilant and address each issue as it appears. Only deal with as much as you can handle in that moment.

Reach out to others for guidance, assistance, strength, hope, etc. Utilize every resource available. Use time and resources wisely.

Remember, real power lies in our ability to choose, to make the wisest choice possible given our abilities, time, situation, etc.

Built on your past successes. We all have them. Remind yourself of how you were able to handle prior challenges.

Accept that which we have no control over. Recite the Serenity Prayer as a reminder.

Stay positive and be grateful. Any day that you can get up and do something is a good day. There are millions of people who can’t.

Have faith and trust in God. “Fear not for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiha 41:10

Don’t allow fear and anxiety to paralyze you and dominate your thinking. Life is filled with uncertainty – it arrives on our doorstep each day whether we ordered it or not. No matter how unwelcome it is, remember that nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.

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The Effects of Bullying

My special guest on today’s show, Hannah Spivey, shared her painful story of being bullied as a child, the impact it had on her, and her journey towards healing.

A bully is defined as anyone who treats another in a cruel or abusive way. For those who have been the target, the pain goes deep, the scars can last a lifetime. Bullying extends far beyond words – it is the hurtful way we treat one another. Sneaky and covert, it sometimes appears in the form of the silent treatment, insults, criticisms, ridicule, rumors or sarcasm. It is an insidious form of degradation that shreds one’s self-esteem and impacts every aspect of their lives. In extreme cases, individuals have committed suicide as the only perceived means of escape.

Bullying is not limited to children in the schoolyard. Left untreated, it remains active in the behaviors of grown adults, those seeking power and control over another. It is imperative that we each examine our own behavior to determine if, in fact, any of it qualifies as intimidating. Healing our issues of low self-esteem (a common denominator in all bullies), learning to be more compassionate, accepting, and respectful of others enables us to avoid inflicting suffering on others.

If we are being targeting by one who is intimidating, threatening, hurtful or disrespectful in any way, we need to either remove ourselves from their presence or set and enforce some strong boundaries. Either way, we must remind ourselves that their bad behavior is a reflection of their personal issues. It in no way diminishes us or our self-worth. Do not take what they say or do personally. Hannah recommended reaching out to someone you know and trust. Let them know what is happening and seek professional help if necessary. Do not keep your feelings inside.

She also suggested prayer. I have always found prayer to be a powerful tool to heal present and past wounds. This also involves forgiving the one who treated us shamefully. Forgiveness* does not lessen the seriousness of the offense. Nor does it relieve the offender from having to take ownership for their behavior and possibly face the consequences. It means that I choose to move beyond the incident, understanding that sometimes people do bad things.

One is not powerless against acts of maltreatment. We can remove ourselves from unsafe conditions, assert ourselves and set boundaries when necessary, and definitely forgive the offender. It is the only way to restore inner peace.

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