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Once again Jimmy Star will be bringing you today’s celebrities LIVE on W4CY. 3pm ET. Rock Star goddess-Celleste

‎’REAL LOVE’ music video by singer, songwriter CELLESTE. Visit CELLESTE on Facebook:

Come for the food! Stay for the FUN! Flavors 2011.

Come and see Dean K Piper and Lightworker Lisa broadcasting LIVE at Flavors 2011! Fantastic food, live entertainment, equestrian events, wine tastings and more! Complimentary valet parking, shuttles to the venue!! A night not to miss!! Please call the Chamber today! Ticekts on sale/pre-sale through Thursday! Avoid the line and the extra fee at the door!! 561-792-6525

Stop! Drop! And Roll on over to for Tim Byrd “The Byrdman”. Live NOW onW4CY Radio

Stop! Drop! And roll on over to for Tim Byrd “The Byrdman” and Friends. Live NOW onW4CY Radio brought to you by The Intertainment Network from 3pm -4pm ET.