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W4CY Radio broadcasts light and hope at Spiritual Awakening Conference

Spiritual Awakening Conference

Dear Friends:

W4CY Radio along with Sarah Spiritual from Expedito Enlightenment Center is broadcasting live where The Universal Lightworkers are pleased to announce our  event that is sure to be felt universally; a weekend so powerful that Miracles of Transformation are inevitable! From Friday, June 10th through Sunday, June 12th, 2011, Spiritual seekers from all over the world will gather in South Florida for the 2011 Spiritual Awakening Conference (formally the Universal Lightworkers Conference). This Conference has obtained worldwide recognition as one of the most important spiritual gatherings on the planet.

This Conference brings together the finest speakers, performers, teachers, and authors whose work emanates Love, Integrity and a Message of Light. A collection of speakers such as this has rarely come together with such a clear focus and loving intention on healing and oneness. The energy of our speakers (combined with that of Angels, Light-beings, Ascended Masters and other participants such as you) creates a sacred space that radiates Love and Light, which is guaranteed to transform us all and bring us closer to remembering and living our Divinity.

If you are ready for an acceleration in spiritual growth, and have a desire to help humanity in its Grand Awakening, we sincerely pray that you will answer this call and join us as we gather as One in Love, Trust, Peace and God.

Famous Actress Mom from E. T. on W4CY Radio

Are there aliens? Is it truly time to get spiritual?

Well tune in to at 7:30PM Tuesday on W4CY Radio brought to you by The Intertainment Network.

We will have famous actress and spiritual advisor Dee Wallace.

You know her best as the Mom in E.T.

Don’t phone home, phone W4CY Radio at 561-623-9429



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