Daily Archives: January 22, 2012

MON., JAN. 23rd, CANCER S.O.S., 2:00 P.M. EST W4WN.com

WE ARE ONE WORLD Juliet Aguwa (a breast cancer survivor from Nigeria) founded a charity called Courage to Dare. Their mission is to assist African women with breast cancer. The challenges: 1) Their culture considers cancer a “curse from God”; 2) No screening; and 3) Lack of affordable treatment (even if they start treatment, they […]
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“Cher”ing “My” Smile Moving to W4CY Radio with a SPECIAL Parenting show

Parenting issues? Please join Cheryl Resnick and her guest, Rebecca Matte, a registered mental health advisor as we discuss parenting issues of today. Monday, 1.23.12 at 3:00 PM EST-4:00 on “Cher”ing “My” Smile on W4CY Radio. Just click on the link and join in the fun! Loved to hear your smile! Rebecca L Matte, is a registered Marriage […]
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