Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

2.27.12 “Cher”ing “My” Smile with guest Stacey Schieffelin As seen on QVC, HSN and The Shopping Channel

All About Stacey Schieffelin Stacey Schieffelin, founder and president of ybf (your best friend), has engineered a 14-year record of success in direct sales on the Home Shopping Network (US),QVC (UK) and The Shopping Channel (Canada) that has built a loyal, worldwide consumer base of women with cosmetic and apparel sales in excess of $150 million! Stacey forges a […]
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Treatment S.O.S., Thurs., Feb. 23, 2:00 p.m. EST, W4WN

The recent Susan G. Komen concerns have many people on different sides of the issues. As we go a little deeper into this topic, first and foremost I want people to remember all of the GOOD things that Susan G. Komen does for breast cancer patients everywhere. Regarding Planned Parenthood, my guest Abby Johnson has […]
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