Daily Archives: February 26, 2013

New Show starts tomorrow at 7PM ET

Catch the debut of our new show on W4CY Radio brought to you by The Intertainment Network called Off The Couch- Mental Health with DrJudiC – Wednesdays 7PM ET on W4CY Radio. Click the links below to get more information about this incredible show host! DrJudiC Judi Cinéas, LCSW, Ph.D. Living The Dream- Personal Coaching Phone: 561-DrJudiC […]
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Eating for Balanced Hormones – Every Woman’s Dream! Save the Date.

If you want to avoid mood swings, hot flashes , depression, low energy or even weight issues and just plain feel great, this is a must show for you.  What you eat, breathe, and how you deal with stress all play a role in whether you hormones are in balance.  And, by the way, hormones […]
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This Week on Proceed and Succeed Tuesday at 3! – Corporate Wellness Programs with Jackie LeClaire

This Week’s Show – Corporate Wellness Programs with Jackie LeClaire This is really ironic for me, since I don’t exercise at all.  So, I need to be careful with our guest today! But seriously, this week we be discussing the area of Corporate wellness programs from two points of view; How your company benefits, and How […]
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