Daily Archives: September 27, 2017

A Pioneer in Organic Farming- Phil LaRocca, LaRocca Vineyards- September 27- The Connected Table LIVE!

Phil LaRocca, founder of LaRocca Vineyards, is a pioneer in organic farming and sulfite-free wine production.  Phil was recently named Farmer of the Year by the Organic Trade Association for his work to help create the California Food and Production Act and formulate official guidelines for organic wine, and for his own efforts as a […]
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Future-Proof Workplace: Disruption and the Digital Revolution

Join us this Thursday at 5pm ET for the Future-Proof Workplace show! The digital revolution is upon us opening up new possibilities and careers that didn’t exist only decades ago, and disrupting traditional businesses. Half of Fortune 500 organizations have been wiped out since 2000. If it wasn’t already obvious, we’re all in the technology business, resistance is […]
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