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Today on Proceed and Succeed at 3 ET – How to reduce stress on the job when you can’t reduce the workload

Stress on the job is so interwoven with work today.  There is the stress that is brought on by the very nature of your job. There is the stress of being underemployed, not being happy in your job, difficult co-workers…I could go on and on. This week, I have as my guest, Janet Pfeiffer, Pres., […]
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Therapist and Positive Living Expert, Diane Lang, has given us hope! As my recent guest on Anger 9-1-1, Diane shared her knowledge and expertise on anger, stress, optimistic living, and happiness. I wholeheartedly agree with Diane when she says moods and attitudes are contagious. Spend some time with a negative or depressed person and you’ll […]
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