A Revolutionary Tip from Mike Mongo

Nihar Suthar interviewed astronaut teacher Mike Mongo on Incito tonight. There was some deep discussion, including observations about people having childhood dreams. Nihar’s childhood dream was becoming an airplane pilot. Mike’s childhood dream was becoming an astronaut. At the age of 42, after Mike had accomplished everything possible being a successful Marine sciences researcher, he was looking for what to do next in life.

One simple, but revolutionary tip he provided when looking for a completely new career was to “look back to what you dreamt of as a child.” Mike unfortunately was in a situation where he couldn’t be an astronaut at his age because he had missed out on a lot of training. However, he could get creative about how he fulfilled his childhood astronautical dreams. He found that he loved teaching kids. That’s when it hit him. He could be an astronaut teacher! He could teach kids about space and empower them to get there as well.

This is powerful. One lesson we can all take away from Mike’s story is that we should never rule out our childhood dreams. Like him, we can brainstorm and find a creative way to achieve any unfulfilled visions when looking for what to do next.


Mike Mongo is an astronaut teacher, traveling around the world.


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