The Connected Table

The Connected Table®

Food and beverage industry insiders Melanie Young and David Ransom connect you to leaders and legends in wine, spirits, food and hospitality as they travel the world. Hear from vintners, restaurateurs, chefs, distillers, educators, authors, farmers and more. Melanie and David are the insatiably curious culinary couple who are always in search of a great story to share with their listeners. They bring a fresh approach to spotlighting industry movers and shakers and exploring the pleasures of the palate. Connect and visit Instagram@theconnectedtable Like on Facebook@connectedtableDiscover
new places and go behind-the-scenes. Melanie and David are an insatiably curious culinary
couple who bring a delicious new approach to exploring the pleasures of the palate.
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The Connected Table is broadcast live Wednesdays at 2PM ET.

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