A World Gone Mad! and My Response to an Anti-Christmas Billboard

Sometimes I feel as though I am Alice in Not-So Wonderful Land – a place where everything is topsy-turvy and upside down, where nothing makes any sense anymore; where good is bad, right is wrong, ugly and beauty have traded places and where goodness is criticized and evil glorified. Common sense and moral values have taken a back seat to political correctness and an “anything goes” mentality. Children terrorizing families and schools; shooters massacring dozens of innocent people in public places; politicians sexual encounters being broadcast on social media like the local news and still garnering public favor. It’s a world gone mad! What has happened to good old-fashioned, time-honored traditions of good values, respect for human life, moral and ethical behaviors from our church and world leaders, good manners, respecting our elders, consideration of others, and personal responsibility and accountability?

Today, no one is obligated to consider the others feelings, no one is held accountable for their bad behavior (it’s always someone else’s fault), we can say what we want and do what we want without concern for laws, other people’s feelings or their rights. And we believe we should have what we want when we want it and without having to work for it. And if we don’t get our way all hell will break loose.

While some may argue that these changes are simply a sign of the changing times, there is a much larger issue that must be considered. While these changes are serious enough on a personal level, they infiltrate every facet of society, including our larger institutions such as the criminal justice system. When a 16-year old boy is found guilty of killing four innocent people while driving intoxicated and the presiding judge claims he is not at fault for his actions because he grew up “privileged” and is sentenced to a treatment facility and probation (instead of prison), our world is clearly in grave danger of complete moral collapse.

But we as individuals are not powerless and must not sit by idly and allow this dangerous trend to continue. Each of us who have remained silent and allowed this insanity to develop must now use our voices and influence to reverse this chaos. Individually and collectively we must:

1. Clearly define what our moral, societal, and personal values are.
2. Use our behaviors to reflect those values in everything we say and do and with all whom we encounter.
3.Proudly profess them where ever we go and to all whom we meet.
4. Speak up and loudly protest that which violates our values while demanding change.

Four steps – that’s all it takes. We’ve watched silently as our world has deteriorated to a state of crisis. We must now act with every ounce of conviction within us to turn the tides and restore our world to its intended state of glory and honor.

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My Answer to “Who Needs Christ During Christmas?”

There’s a billboard in Times Square that poses the question, ”Who needs Christ during Christmas?” Posted by the American Atheists, an activist group known for their controversial messages on billboards across the nation, this one depicts a hand crossing out the name of Jesus followed by a one word answer – “Nobody.” The next graphic tells viewers to “Celebrate the true meaning of XMAS,” which according to them includes charity, family, friends, and food.

The purpose of this billboard is to declare that Christmas is better without Christ. According to the president of American Atheists, David Silverman, “this season has nothing to do with religion.” He further instructs people to not go to church but instead spend time with family and friends or volunteer. “There are better uses of your time and money.” Silverman went on to say, ” Christianity has been trying to claim ownership of the season for hundreds of years. The season belongs to everybody.”

To Mr. Silverman and his followers, let me clarify the inaccuracies of your statements: Christmas is the day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It is HIS day and belongs to Him. Christmas cannot exist without Christ, hence the name “Christ – mas”. The TRUE meaning of this sacred holiday is to remember the day God sent his only Son to save all of humanity, even those who do not have faith.

No one is asking you to believe. If you want to celebrate the winter solstice by all means do so. But do not tell those of us who are followers of the Son of God what the true meaning of Christmas is. You are not qualified to do so. It’s equivalent to saying Veteran’s Day is not a day to honor and celebrate those who fought for our freedom and for those who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives so that you and I may live. (By the way: Jesus gave His life so that you and I may live eternally.) So who needs veterans on Veteran’s Day? ALL of us do. It is the ultimate disrespect to remove the significance of that day set aside to honor them and replace it with something generic. The same goes for Mother’s Day. Do we omit all moms and say it’s a merely day set aside for good food and fun? What a slap in the face to mother’s everywhere.

But if this is the reasoning you use to try to make your point, then it is only fitting that we remove YOU from your birthday. NO ONE needs you. We can all simply celebrate friends and good times. You will no longer be invited. There are much more important things we can do with our time and money.

Except, that we do need you, Mr. Silverman. We need you and all those who follow Jesus and well as those who don’t. You, as with all of God’s sacred children, deserve to be recognized and honored on the day of your birth because each of you has contributed something of value to the lives of others and to this world. And for that, this Christian is grateful. So please, celebrate as you wish this Christmas Day but do not tell me and my Christian brothers and sisters what the true meaning of this sacred day is. We already know.

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