Alternative Healing Modalities for Anger

When I was a child, my mom always utilized natural methods for healing. Fevers were treated with cold compresses to the forehead, sucking on frozen juice pops, and cool baths. Burns were treated with ice, colds with chicken soup. Rarely was medication given to restore health.

Even when we are emotionally unwell, we can utilize many natural modalities to balance our energies and restore wholeness. Music, aerobic exercise, nature, prayer, meditation, and massage are just a few than can calm our anger, fear, sadness, hurt, stress, and more. By incorporating these into our daily routines, we can lower our starting point of anger. On a scale of one to ten, if I normally respond to anger with a seven, by practicing calming behaviors I may find myself responding with a four or five. Ultimately, I may even discover that I am relatively unaffected by those triggers that previously had the power to disrupt my serenity and ignite my ire.

I have always been a proponent of healing troublesome emotions rather than simply keep them under control. Given a choice, would you not want to heal a cancer rather than simply get it under control?

About twelve years ago, I adopted a dog that had been used for medical research for the first seven years of her life. When Halle joined our family, she was suffering from a host of medical as well as emotional issues. Although anger did not appear to be one of them (she was the most loving and sweetest dog I’ve ever had the privilege of “mommying”), she did struggle with issues of extreme fear and anxiety (root causes of anger). A search online revealed the benefits of precious and semi precious stones. Gemstones are not only rare and visually beautiful but each contain unique properties that can benefit people in a variety of ways. For Halle, one of the stones I chose was blue lace agate, known for its calming abilities. I also utilized rose quartz and rhodocrosite which I subsequently sowed into her collar to maximize exposure to their energies. Hematite was used to keep her grounded as she had a tendency to disconnect from her current situation. In time, I noticed a significant difference in her demeanor. She was more calm and relaxed and her anxiety had subsided significantly.

I have clients who use prescription medication to keep their anger under wraps. About five or six years ago, I had a woman come to my office. “I have trouble keeping friendships because of my anger. Even my family can’t stand me at times. My doctor has me on a combination of six different medications. It helps somewhat but I always feel ‘drugged up’ and I hate being on them. Can you help me?” By helping her to understand where her anger was originating (the root causes) and addressing each of those emotional issues, we immediately saw a considerable improvement. Added to that, I had her choose some of the above mentioned behaviors and incorporate them into her daily routine. Within a few short weeks, she called to tell me she didn’t feel that she needed her meds any longer. I strongly urged her not to take herself off of any of them without her doctor’s consent. Her physician became irate at the mere suggestion and informed that she would be dependent on them the rest of her life. So she left his office and found another doctor willing to wean her off. A few weeks later, she called to tell me that for the first time in more than ten years she was making it on her own and never felt better. We continued to work together for a short time until I felt certain that she had make enough progress in healing her anger. With the proper understanding and through the use of some natural alternatives she was able to achieve the success and inner peace she so rightly deserved.

There are times in all of our lives when we may need the assistance of trained professionals and/or prescribed medications. I’m very cautious of ever becoming dependent on anyone or anything for my physical or emotional well-being. I prefer to rely on God and nature and all things natural. They’ve worked for me every time.

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