Sugar Free – How, When and Why for your Kids. RECIPES!

When you see Sugar-Free on a label, is that a good thing?  Are Sugar-Free foods really sugar free? What naturally Sugar-Free foods are ones your kids will want to eat?  How do you make sweets sugar-free and still have them taste good… or can you?  Why even bother?  The good news is we have answers for you.  Our guest, Brenda Bennett, founder of the popular Sugar Free Mom blog will have you salivating over her sugar-free recipes, ones her kids and their friends love.

Our Better Food Choices co-host, Carolina Jantac RD (Kid Kritics Approved) will give you the nutritional truth about Sugar Free labels as well have you salivating for some of her recipes.  You are about to find out how to indulge in healthy sugar-free family-friendly foods.  Also, listen for some delicious sugar-free entertaining tips. – RECIPES!

Join Carolina, Brenda and me as we make your life easier in the kitchen with Better Food Choices. Wednesday, 1pm ET on Health Café Live (

… for the health of your family,