Conscious Conversation with Ann Quasman on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Tune in Monday, March 3rd, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET to The Nancy Ferrari Show on W4CY Radio as her featured guest is none other than Ann Quasman who is a woman on a mission. Her goal is to encourage and facilitate conversations that will help women connect with and rely upon the wisdom within their hearts as much as they do the wisdom within their minds.

As host of WomanTalk Live, Ann brings women everywhere deeper into topics that both inspire and inform. Her unique ability to get to the heart of the issue and to the heart of the woman has made her one of the most respected and loved media personalities in Baltimore, as well as a sought after emcee, speaker, board member and strategic partner to businesses and non-profits.

Ann’s message and her desire to initiate a more conscious conversation is a direct result of her “past life” in corporate America. After years in the investment management and banking industry, Ann had an epiphany (a.k.a. a vision brought on by total exhaustion and having “no life”). She realized that she was in no way close to leading the life she wanted to live and that she had strayed very far away from her own heart. Something had to give.

That “ah-ha moment” triggered a series of shifts that ultimately led to WomanTalk Live, Girls Gone Great and the Conscious Conversations Café.

With her in-depth corporate background under her belt and after creating her business, Living in Your Heart, to provide “life” workshops and retreats for women, Ann turned her strategic acumen into a brand new concept – a radio show that would dive deep into women’s issues, while avoiding the cliché beauty, fashion and weight loss topics.

Since 2007, Ann grew WomanTalk Live from a local radio show plunked down between male-focused programming to a true community of women and men who actively engage in a more conscious conversation with Ann and each other every day almost 24/7.  After finishing her last show in Baltimore on 12/28/13, Ann will continue conscious conversations on the WomanTalk Live Podcast starting in 2014 as she, her husband and two cats move to Vermont to live their dream.

She’s not done talkin’ yet.

In fact, “from the heart” one-to-one conversations with listeners, community members, show sponsors and others who are making a difference for women is Ann’s passion.

Her goal is simple: To each day start a conversation that moves even one woman from talking to doing.

Ann is passionate about supporting community and national efforts and causes – and, WomanTalk Live sponsors numerous events each year.

In addition, Ann has served on the board of the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA), the statewide collective voice advocating for accessible, compassionate care for survivors of sexual crimes and accountability for all offenders.  She continues to be a vocal advocate for sexual assault prevention and sexual assault survivors everywhere.


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