Wendy Stuart Kaplan

Actress,Model, Comedian, TV Personality and Host, Interviewer, Influencer, and an Advocate for LGBTQ causes and community, Wendy is the creator of three award winning shows, “If These Walls Could Talk” a weekly entertainment show, “Triversity Talk” topics and conversations in the LGBTQ Community, and “Pandemic Cooking With Wendy”, a cooking show where she attempts to cook and keeps you laughing. She is the author of the memoir “She’s The Last Model Standing” her personal story that will take you from Nigeria to Studio54 to Modeling, Acting, and coming full circle to being back in Africa making films, about poaching gorillas and chimpanzees in Cameroon and the people saving them in the award winning, “Whisperers and Witnesses:Primate Rescue in Cameroon”, and “Fragile Beauty” filming the challenges faced by three remote tribes in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. She is a member of the world renouned “Explorers Club” (think Jane Goodall) and The Imperial Court a nationwide LGBTQ organization dedicated to fundraising through performance and philanthropy. She is on the Board and is an original member of Triversity Center for Pride, and loves chihuahuas, cockatoos, English Angora Rabbits all of which she lives with in NYC. In her spare time she thinks about what she would actually do if she had spare time!

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