Erica Longdon on The Night Shift

Erica Longdon had a long career as a broadcaster in British tv and radio(30 years). Following her guidance she gave it all up to work as a healer (massage, reiki, ear candling, and lately sound healing) locally in Kent, England. After training with Doreen Virtue in 2009, she began work as a psychic advisor and the angels have looked after her ever since.
Erica is the author of the novel In Pursuit of Perfect Timing and is now working on her non-fiction book on sound healing, Sonic Vitamins For Sound Health.
A strong advocator of meditation, she found herself in a tent in a field at a yoga festival in 2012 and met a man that was life changing for her Yogi Ashokanda. Erica learned more from him in 30 minutes than she had from numerous books. She has wanted to study with him ever since. However, his ashram is in India, and that combined with time issues she could not make it happen. She is thrilled though that she was just accepted in his course in London beginning 9/16 and will become a fully qualified and insured meditation teacher upon completion.
An avid traveler, I have had the pleasure of hearing Erica play the drone flute in Tintagel Cave in Cornwall on a recent visit.
She shares all this with us plus much more! Tune in to The Night Shift, 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 27th.