Entertaining Without Guilt! RECIPES.

Oh Boy.  This is the time of year when we say, “I deserve it.”  This is when we decide to entertain our family and friends with all kinds of sweets and treats, ones not found in our house the rest of the year.  But it is not just the sweets.  Do you find yourself cooking with more butter than usual for extra rich results, or, baking holiday breads you eat once a year?  How about appetizers – bring on the brie, cheese balls, buttery crackers and onions dips with chips!  After a couple of weeks of feeding and eating with guilt, most of us regret it and pay the price – fatigue and fat.

This year can be different.  You, your family and friends do deserve to enjoy delicious flavors when it’s time to entertain.  Our guest, Michelle Dudash, RD, Cordon Bleu Chef, Cookbook Author(Clean Eating for Busy Families), Newpaper Columnist, Food & Nutrition Writer, TV Personality, knows how to put healthy food together to have you drooling with desire.  Joining us in our Family Food Experts Kitchen is co-host, Stacey Antine, RD (HealthBarn USA), author of Appetite for Life. Between these two food experts, we have your guilt-free entertaining menus and recipes covered.

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to meet Michelle, Stacey and me as we give you an entertaining without guilt guide!  Thursday, Dec. 5th 1pm ET, on and

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