Forgiveness and Inner Peace – the Connection

Forgiveness: so many misconceptions and misunderstandings; so many who believe forgiveness is reserved for a chosen few or must be preceded with an apology. Still others feel at times that it is impossible or worse, that there are those not deserving of its graces. And so they suffer…all of them, when healing is clearly within their reach. Please take a moment and reflect on a letter from the Father expressing the importance and necessity of His sacred gift of forgiveness.

A Letter From God With Love

My dear children,

When I created you, I gave you the gift of free will. I knew that you would sometimes misuse it and make poor choices. I also knew that your actions would cause pain and suffering to others.

Know that mistakes are a part of the human experience. Do not hold your brothers and sisters hostage to their imperfections. Allow them the freedom to be human without judgment or condemnation.

I ask you, “What purpose does it serve to hold on to your anger?” You carry within you the internal scars from past hurts and then refuse to heal the wounds.

At times, you have even sought revenge on your offender. Does this not only add to your own suffering and the suffering of all humanity? How does vengeance profit any of you? This does not please me at all.

So I say to you, “Put to rest all thoughts of retaliation. Turn your hearts instead to matters of healing. You have all suffered enough.”

For which one of my beloved has not felt the sting of harsh words? Who among you has not shed tears brought on by feelings of isolation, rejection, loneliness, humiliation?

And who among you can stand before me and say “But Father, I have never offended another”? Whether intentional or not, have you not at times exposed your dark side to your brother? As I have instructed you to forgive, so do I instruct you to ask for forgiveness.

My children, you all act out what you feel. Do not judge or criticize others for their actions. Respond instead with understanding and kindness. Be gentle with one another. Choose behavior that is life-affirming.

This is why, my beloved, I have given you with the gift of forgiveness, the power to heal all wounds.

“To forgive is to allow for human imperfection without judgment or retaliation.”

Forgiveness allows for a healing of the self. It removes all residual traces of anger from your heart. It replaces hurt with acceptance. It restores serenity and harmony within. It is a gift of love you give yourself.

To choose not to forgive only perpetuates suffering for all.

Be kind to one another. Do good to all whom you encounter. Forgive all of my children, all of them, even the difficult ones.

For you do not decide who deserves forgiveness. I alone have dominion in this.

As often as I have forgiven you, so are you expected to forgive one another.

I have set the standard by restoring grace to those who fatally wounded my Beloved Son. I expect no less of you.

This I promise you: that those who choose forgiveness will be granted my favor and be rewarded with the gifts of everlasting peace and joy.

In the final analysis, this is the only true path to peace.

With love,
From God

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