Host Nihar Suthar Interviews Guest João Rafael Brites on Incito

João Rafael Brites was a national swimming champion at the mere age of 15. However, shortly afterwards, he made up his mind to pursue his true passion of breakdancing. He started breakdancing on the streets of Portugal, and from there, founded the Transformers Movement (an award-winning social innovation project that uses the power of the arts, sports and Hip-Hop to turn teens into changemakers). João was selected as a British Council Global Changemaker in 2009 for his project, and was one of the six representatives of world youth at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. He hopes to continue spreading his passion and the Hip-Hop message of peace, love, fun and unity. Catch his moving story on Incito.


João Rafael Brites is a global changemaker.
João Rafael Brites is a global changemaker.


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