January Jones – Author Holly Winter, Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias

Holly Winter

Holly Winter
Holly Winter

January Jones – NDE Car Accident -Two Amnesias- Holly Winter


Car accident. Death. Light. Beautiful….

I spent years trying to get back there before

finally deciding it was time to LIVE life.


With deep meditation… I can get back. It’s

a beautiful place.


I’ve just recently published my memoir,

”Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias”

which holds a variety of stories about my

life, including a debilitating form of amnesia

that came from that same car accident that was

added to another form of amnesia.


As far as I know, I’m the record holder for

living with 2 kinds of amnesia at once.

My memoir is upbeat, funny, and inspirational.


Holly Winter has two unrelated forms of amnesia: complete and total amnesia and visual amnesia. Her story is here in her new book, “Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias.” Holly Winter is a camera without film. She is a woman without a history. In this memoir, Winter helps us laugh in the face of adversity as she proves, time and again, that she is more than her medical history.