January Jones – Laughter For Survival

January Jones – Laughter For Survival

Presenting Joyce Saltman

Joyce Saltman

THERE is little else that will make a person feel as good as will a good laugh, says Joyce Anisman-Saltman, a professor who lectures on the importance of humor.

Ms. Anisman-Saltman believes so strongly that feeling good is something most people will go out of their way for, she has decided to make a living from it. She Joyce Saltman, entertains, lectures and counsels on the art of laughter.

Ms. Anisman-Saltman, a special education professor at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven and a therapist, gives 5 to 10 lectures a week on the importance of humor as part of the curriculum for future special education teachers and at businesses, schools, hospitals and community groups as far away as Alaska, New Foundland and Mexico. She calls the lectures ”Laughter: Rx for Survival.”

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