January Jones presenting Divorcing Divas

January Jones presenting Divorcing Divas

Presenting Christine Clifford

Christine Clifford

Award-winning Author of eight books including “Let’s Close a Deal: Turn Contacts Into Paying Customers for your Company, Product, Service or Cause” and “YOU, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself.” Certified Speaking Professional on the topics of sales, marketing (with a special emphasis on branding & positioning), and using humor to get through life’s adversities. Consultant to speakers & authors.

Founder of Christine Clifford Enterprises, a consulting firm on sales and marketing strategies.

Founder of The Cancer Club, which offers online support to cancer patients including a free monthly eNewsletter, our Prayer List, over 100 different gift items for cancer patients and more.

Founder & CEO of Divorcing Divas, LLC, a company designed to offer support, education, resources and hope to people going through divorce.

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