January Jones sharing Hot Issues with Cool-Jams CEO, Anita Mahaffey

January Jones sharing Hot Issues 


Cool-Jams CEO, Anita Mahaffey 


January Jones welcomes cancer survivor and Cool-James CEO, anita Mahaeffey sharing her personal success story.

For some of us–and we know who we are–menopause is a hot issue. Synonymous with the dreaded night sweats and hot flashes caused by a change in hormones, these symptoms of menopause make it tough to get a good night’s sleep. Now thanks to a line of top-rated, innovative sleepwear, women around the world will sleep easy withCool-Jams.

 San Diego-based entrepreneur, Anita Mahaffey, is the brainchild behind the line that includes pajamas, nightgowns and bedding and thanks to her use of moisture wicking fabric, night sweats will no longer mean sleep loss. And they are not just for women, men can also stay dry, cool and comfortable during hot, humid nights thanks to Cool-jams line of men’s pajamas.



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