January Jones sharing “Who Killed JFK?” with Jack Duffy

January Jones sharing

“Who Killed JFK?”

with Jack Duffy,

author The Man From 2063

Author’s Bio

Author’s Bio

Jack Duffy is currently a trial attorney from Ft. Worth, Texas.

He has spent the last 40 years researching the important facts surrounding the JFK assassination. This includes interviewing several key witnesses that were part of the assassination investigation. This also includes doctors who treated Kennedy at Parkland Hospital.


Early Background

He was born and raised in Texas. He was a Boy Scout achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He graduated from R.L. Paschal high school in Ft. Worth and then went on to Texas Tech University where he graduated with a B.A. in Political Science.


It was while a student at Texas Tech he met Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor in the Charles Manson trial and the author of the best selling book “Helter Skelter.”

It was Mr. Bugliosi that influenced Mr. Duffy to pursue a career in law.

Becomes Attorney

So Mr. Duffy decided to first obtain an M.B.A. from Baylor University and following that he graduated from South Texas College of Law with a J.D.

After law school he returned to Ft. Worth and established his law firm.

Develops an Interest in the JFK Assassination

He became interested in the JFK assassination in the early 1970′s after seeing a copy of the Zapruder film at a friend’s house.

His parents attended the breakfast on November 22, 1963 in Ft. Worth where President Kennedy gave his last speech.

Mr. Duffy was in the second grade at Bruce Shulkey elementary school in Ft. Worth when he heard that President Kennedy had been shot.

Over the last 40 years he has researched the JFK assassination and interviewed many key witnesses including several Parkland surgeons who treated JFK.

He has collected and read almost every book on the JFK murder and has one of the largest private collections on the assassination.

His Book Begins

In 1998 he decided to write a book about time travel and the JFK assassination conspiracy.

His book was 90% complete when he heard about Stephen King’s time travel book “11-22-63.”

Mr. Duffy’s book, ”The Man From 2063″ is about a lawyer who travels through time back to 1963 and prevents a well organized conspiracy from killing JFK.

The book draws on Mr. Duffy’s deep knowledge and personal research and is therefore based on actual events and people surrounding the assassination.

The Future

He is currently writing his second novel about terrorism.

Mr. Duffy enjoys traveling, writing, reading and sports in his spare time.