January Jones-Think Before U Act with Yvette Bethel

Meet Yvette Bethel
Bethel’s emotional intelligence tool kit is designed to build the skills leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and employees need to express the right emotion, at the right time, with the right level of intensity, targeting the right person(s), while choosing the right place for self-expression. EQ. Librium is invaluable to anyone who is interested in achieving their career goals, to professionals in the midst of change, to leaders, and most importantly to those of you who are interested in your personal and career growth.
Her Radio Show Topics:
1.    Build a healthy organizational culture
2.    Think before you act
3.    What is E.Q. Librium?
4.    Connecting emotional intelligence and your career success
5.    Finding your purpose and knowing when to quit a job
6.    How to be 3 steps ahead of office drama
7.    Improved employee capability and morale
8.    Emotionally intelligent conflict