January Jones – Thrive! Don’t Just Survive with Ali Bierman

Meet Ali Bierman

ali bierman guitarand guitar

My life took a dramatic change following nerve damage during brain surgery nearly four years ago. Consequently I have become known as the THRIVE! Expert and also the Queen of Overcoming.

Since regaining my ability to speak I have done a number of radio interviews and live speaking engagements. My new direction shows people that healing is not about being how you used to be. Healing is accepting your life as it is NOW and doing what it takes to move forward every day in some way. My best selling book (one of thirteen best sellers) is THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive.

I devote my life to supporting people with special needs, those of us flying under the radar because we look fine yet work super hard in each moment simply to appear normal and go on with our lives – making a difference. I use my book and talks to raise awareness and funds for causes including Down Syndrome, the blind, those in rehab and prisoners making the transition to freedom.